Tips to upscale a business idea in 2021

It is said that every person has a talent of sorts, one simply must find it. This talent could be anything – from an ability to run, to take a punch without flinching, or even a knack to taste something and instinctively know what the ingredients are, and more importantly, what is missing that could take it to the next level. And whilst you may not be able to sprint, box, or create culinary perfection, you may have discovered a unique opening in the market for something only you can provide. That discovery is a talent of its own – far more valuable than anything else if you can capitalise on it.

You see, dear reader, the talented athlete is limited by the laws of nature and will succumb to old age, the fighter may take one too many blows to the head, and the chef, well, let’s just say that mistaking salt for sugar has ruined more careers than you’d think. But, if for example, you’ve found that there is an entire generation of people who are willing to pay good money for pills that turn your poop into gold (sorry, this idea is already monetised), then you could be on your way to upscaling that idea into a money churner from which you reap the rewards for years to come.

All great ideas, though, are nothing without a plan and no plans are beneficial without the ability to execute them – so let’s say that you have your great idea. You’ve found some semblance of your target market and the product or service you want to sell, now what?

Like you, we too had such a question and, in our attempt to find answers, we’ve come across much more than we’d bargained for. As such, we’ve put together these business tips for the benefit of readers like you.

1 – Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

This is counterintuitive, as of course, you’re reading this here. Unless this has turned into business gospel and is now the reverent words of guaranteed success, take even this advice with a pinch of salt. You should read and decide for yourself if what you’re reading is beneficial for you or not. Regulators are currently investigating whether companies like Amazon and Google are doing enough to stop the spread of fake news. You can be certain that information online is dubious at best and requires some intellectual prowess to safely navigate and acquire relevance.


2 – Don’t get caught up in the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme!

We all want fast results for little effort and whilst some do strike gold, the majority do not. Much like the lottery, the click-bait bitcoin adverts and the MLM business partnerships, usually request ‘small’ investments for ‘large’ returns. Please don’t fall for such hogwash. Understandably, cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the focal point for new investors, so take some time to ensure what you read is factual, accurate and updated. We’ve found the Wisly blog to be rather informative.


3 – Don’t try to do it all yourself!

Spending endless hours on admin can really put a dent on your ability to upscale your idea. You should be out there, forming relationships, making friends, finding suppliers, negotiating for that extra percent, pushing the boundaries of your share in the market in general, and still find the time to look good. Learn to delegate.

One of the most time-consuming tasks that can be outsourced is social media management. Hours are spent scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – time that could be spent elsewhere. Of course, we all know the marketing power of these apps, so hire a virtual social media manager and yes, the virtual route is cheaper than hiring someone in-house, to take your business marketing to the next level and save you immense time.


4 – Take pride in your appearance!

In this superficial world, appearance matters and you’re not going to inspire confidence in your product or service if you, as the head of your newfound company, look like a sprouting potato. Appearance isn’t just about slapping on some war paint, extending your lashes to caress your spectacles, or colouring your hair in such a subtle way that your magical hairdo is only visible if you do the whole swish-and-flick… No, we mention appearance here in relation to your overall wellness, your visible hydration levels, your well-rested eyes, and the bounce in your step. To take care of your business, you must take care of yourself. No one, other than you, will have as much interest in ensuring your start-up becomes a massive empire. So take care of your health to live long enough to see this dream materialise.

These are basic business tips to assist you on your entrepreneurial journey. If you don’t believe everything you read and make your own decisions, you will find what works best for you. Remember that if this is a product or service that hasn’t been seen before, then surely, there won’t be any ‘advice’ specific to your idea. It is yours, listen and read, but ultimately, the final decisions rest with you.

Don’t spend on the promises of others to fulfil your dreams, invest those cents wisely, or better yet, invest it in yourself. Don’t do what you can get others to do for you, and finally, show up, show off (just a bit) and take over the world!