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London is an incredible city that has a lot to offer in every regard, including its restaurants. From small, local businesses to large restaurant chains, each category has something that will make you remember them and come back for more. Whatever your taste or mood for food and beverages is at any time, you will be guaranteed to find it somewhere. This article lists some of the most popular restaurants you can check out in London when visiting this city next time.

The Ivy

At one of the oldest British restaurant chains, you can have a fine dining experience for a fraction of the price you would have at restaurants with similar menus. Of course, you will have to make a reservation to get in, but once you do, The Ivy will capture you with its stunning decorations and a bar you rarely see anywhere else. And when you get to the food, you won’t know if the modern tuna with artichoke salad sounds better or if you would rather have a classic shepherd’s pie.


Designed in the true spirit of Bombay and now located across multiple locations, Dishoom offers an authentic Indian experience. Their restaurants are small, but their portions are definitely not – you can have more than you can eat in one night without your wallet hurting after it. Not only is the food spicy and mouthwatering, but the decor is also stuffed with luxurious details that will remind you of the Asian country. If you will pay them a visit, it’s recommended to go with the naan rolls for breakfast or the marinated lamb specialty of the house for any other meals.


You can’t really visit London without having a saucy steak, and according to locals and tourists, Goodman is the place to go for it. Of course, their prime quality meat will place their menu a little more on the expensive side but once you try it, you will enjoy every single bite you have paid for. They also offer mean burgers which you can eat in a truly relaxing atmosphere, in whichever of the three restaurants you happen to visit.


This cozy little restaurant is located in Barnsbury, and it’s mostly visited by the locals. Despite this, there is still usually a long queue to get in, and their selection of brunch plates is only one reason why. According to the brunch enthusiast at, in London, there are countless options for everyone looking for an unlimited amount of food and beverages. However, some places are more worth exploring than others, and anyone who ever had a large serving of buttered pancakes with compote and bacon in Sunday will tell you why you will never regret coming here.

Honey & Co.

With its colorful atmosphere and equally compelling dishes, this family-owned restaurant will make any of your visits to this city a unique experience. Albeit it’s a small place, its menu is far more superb than many pricier diners. Combining the authentic Israeli street food flavors with a slightly modern touch, their chefs prepare everything from the most natural ingredients. And if you don’t know what to choose, you can always try the wide variety of small plates they have to offer.


If you are in the mood for some exciting food at a place where you can have a taste of various dishes at the same price, you should visit Kiln. Located in Soho, Kiln has a very simplistic design-so you can really concentrate on tasting the food. Nightly barbecue specials are a regular thing here, and they are also grabbed up quickly. Additionally, this Thai restaurant also has the best curry in town, along with the most tender short ribs you ever tasted.

Pizza Pilgrims

Located in multiple locations across London, Pizza Pilgrims has the most authentic Neapolitan pizza you can find in this city. The best part about this restaurant chain is that its pricing is very affordable. So, if you find yourself near one of their branches, feel free to hop in for a tasty pizza that you can wash down with an equally delicious wine. Whether you choose a simple Margherita or anything else, you won’t be able to stop at one or two slices.

If you are visiting London for the first time, finding a place to eat can be an overwhelming experience, as there are so many options available. Let this article guide you through your first foodie experience in this city, and you won’t stay hungry for sure. You may even come across your next favorite restaurant and bring your friends and family there as well. When you do, you will probably find it difficult to stop yourself from eating out for every meal, because you will want to try everything on the menu.