We’ve all been there. We’ve bought a new or part-used car and been offered to add on extended warranty, but is it worth it?

What does extended warranty usually cover?

Often when we buy an extended warranty, we’re hoping that we’ll never have to use it. However, extended warranties offer the buyer that added peace of mind in the knowledge that they are covered in the event of a breakdown.

Even if your car is brand new, there’s still a risk that something could go wrong with it somewhere down the line.

The best extended warranty cover services will normally offer to pay for repairs or replacements should any electrical or mechanical components unexpectedly fail. This can be incredibly useful for covering expensive parts such as the engine and the car’s computer system (ECU).

Comprehensive warranties will also cover things like your air-conditioning system, airbags and dashboard.

How costly is a breakdown?

You might be thinking “I’ll just deal with it if it happens.”, but if you don’t have that money to hand when you need it you might find yourself in a tricky situation.

The average cost of repairing a car when it’s broken down is £603, making it a costly situation for most average drivers to deal with. RAC attends over 2.5 million roadside assistance call-outs each year. With around 28 car breakdowns every hour in the UK, it’s likely that you will experience this at some point in your car’s lifetime.

Breakdowns aren’t fun, and they can take a while to be resolved if you don’t have the correct cover. You might be waiting longer for roadside assistance if you don’t have the right cover or warranty available, meaning that you could miss that important meeting, or your holiday could be grinding to a halt.

What are the most common causes of breakdowns?

The most frequent causes of car breakdowns in the UK are usually to do with a faulty battery. Car batteries can be expensive to replace and can require expert knowledge to fit correctly.

Damaged tyres and wheels are also a huge culprit for breakdowns, as well as electrical faults, misfuelling, and even being locked outside of the car.

Why take out an extended warranty?

If you shop around properly, you can get a high-quality extended warranty and save hours of time and effort in replacing or repairing your vehicle. In the long run you’ll save money and, even if you don’t have to use your extended warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of an unfortunate event.

Keep covering those miles in the knowledge that you won’t be caught out by a hefty breakdown charge.