As you travel more and more, you often realize that there are some minor details you’ve always overlooked and that have subsequently made your travels more difficult and sometimes less fun. However, learning from your experiences will always help you fix these issues, whether you are more organized, managing your budget better, or simply carrying practical equipment to make things easier. Here are the top practical items you can get to make your trip much more fun and easier.

1.  A Portable Washing Machine

Wearing clean clothes is the best feeling whether you’re in the comfort of your home or trekking through the jungle. However, there’s a big difference between washing your clothes whenever you want at home and not having that option when you’re out and about. As a recommendation, why not get yourself a portable washing machine? Do not fret; this is not a heavy object you have to carry on your back. Rather, it’s a small and lightweight wash bag with a flexible washboard that will help you do your laundry wherever you are. In just 3 minutes you can have clean clothes once again.

2.  Packing Cubes

Have you ever had that experience where, when you pack your suitcase, it’s all neat and tidy, but a day into your travels, it becomes a jumbled mess? The chances are that your answer to this question is a big fat yes. Well, this is where packing cubes come in handy. Rather than stuff everything in your suitcase and have it all mix up, use a set of packing cubes and assign each cube to a category. This way, when you want to find something or place it back in your suitcase, you’ll have it all organized and under control. It’ll make your traveling experience much easier, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest.

3.  Portable Cookers

Nothing is worse than not eating some good food when on your travels. While trying your destination’s local delicacies is what makes traveling all the more fun, sometimes you and your stomach just need a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal to make your trip even more worthwhile. In comes the best invention for food enthusiasts—portable cookers. A portable cooker is a great and practical gadget to have while traveling, especially if you’re a traveler who prefers to go on road trips rather than take flight in the skies. This helpful food maker will fit in your car or truck easily. Moreover, you needn’t worry about finding a source of electricity for it as it can simply function by plugging it into your cigarette lighter outlet. Here’s to always having some fresh, home-cooked food.


4.  A Portable Communication Tool

Losing the signal on your phone is very common when you’re traveling, which for some might be the freedom they needed to enjoy their adventure fully. However, for others, this might be an annoying experience that dampens their trip. If you’re someone who prefers to always have your phone connected to keep in touch with others, especially your travel buddies who might get separated from you, then investing in a portable communication tool, such as the goTenna mesh is a must. This palm-sized device lets adventurers communicate with each other or people within a 6 kilometers radius when they’re off the grid. The device allows them to send messages and their location to people who need to be informed. It’s something that can make your trip a lot easier and safer.

5.  A Tree Tent

Not all practical items need to have the most practical and common use. Some have their uniqueness that makes a trip that much more fun. For those who enjoy laying down and gazing at the stars at night in the open air of the wilderness, getting a tree tent is the item for you. This tent provides the shelter you need when outside and is also versatile as it can be used as a hammock and be tied to trees; it’s a dangling shelter that can turn any trip into the most amazing camping experience.

There you have it! These are some of the best practical items to take on your trip to make it easier and that much more fun. When traveling, more often than not, planning and organizing everything ahead of time is very important. Part of this process is making sure you have the items you need at hand, so you can use them whenever you need to. So make sure to always pack correctly to make your adventures more enjoyable.