Suppose you come back home from university and suddenly your friends come to visit you. You are happy to receive them but a little embarrassed because you don’t have enough space at home to accommodate guests in a small apartment.

After this visit, you will consider renting out a storage unit to get rid of the extra stuff at your place.

A self-storage unit is storage space that may be rented out on a short-term as well as long-termbasis. There are plenty of options available for storage in south London. Bystored is one of the cheap storage options. Whichever provider you choose, they will help you in analyzing your storage needs so you don’t need to worry about paying extra if you are bad at calculations. Their technical staff also visits your place to better analyze your storage needs and then recommends cost-effective storage solutions

How Self storage in South London Works?

Storage facilities demand varies in Britain according to migration, real estate prices, housing conditions, population, income, and student’s interests. This article is going to change the perspective you have about a self storage space in London.

London is a historic city and is more popular than any other city in the country. Stats suggest that around 8.5 million people are living in London alone. London has been a favorite destination for tourists as well. According to a study, around 15 million tourists come to London to enjoy their vacations.

There are many historic places in London that you may visit like the London eye, Elizabeth Tower, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. International students like to visit these places when they first arrive in Britain.

London contributes about 30% of the Uk GDP. Also, it has the highest real estate prices in the world. London stock exchange is also a core contributor to the Uk’s economy.

A self-storage space is not only the need of students in Brighton but also the need of families moving in Brighton. Moreover, if you are a business owner or a young professional self-storage unit is the right choice for you.

Storage units are available in different sizes like 3ft * 3ft, 20 ft* 7ft ,etc. You may also get a customized storage unit according to your budget and size needs.  

Brighton is a coastal town to London and has become a top destination for residents who want to reside a little away from London city.

Brighton offers dozen of benefits including job opportunities, beaches, historical sights, cost of living, less pollution, cheap rent, etc. Many students do part-time jobs in London while residing at the same time in Brighton and they look for storage in south London.

There are dozens of companies offering a self-storage space in Brighton so whenever you need them, you may just call them and they will be there to assist you. To find the best self-storage unit in Brighton, you should consider the following factors necessarily:

1. Cost:

The very first factor while renting a storage unit in Brighton is the cost. You should always select a cost-effective storage solution. Don’t forget that you are renting a storage unit to save money. If it exceeds your budget then definitely you should look for an alternative.

2. Size:

The second most important consideration while choosing a storage unite is the size of the unit. Not necessarily, a big-size storage unit may benefit you. So it’s best to analyze your storage needs first. You should try to choose a storage unit company in Brighton providing a wide variety of sizes.

If you are a student who wants to keep books and few clothes in a storage unit then locker size is sufficient for your storage needs.

If you belong to the corporate sector and want to place office furniture due to shifting from a large to a small office then you will need typically a larger storage unit.

3. Location:

After sizing, here comes the next most important factor which is the location of the storage facility. The best is to find a storage unit which is near your residence. You must think practical that you will never like to travel an hour just to collect a small belonging of storage unit. You will feel scared about bringing back an item while struggling with long drives and huge traffic.  

4. Security:

Storage units are always liable to keep your belongings safe and secure. A padlock is not enough. The storage in Brighton must have an extra layer of security to keep your items safe. Many storage companies have a rule that a padlock will be provided by the client so that even staff doesn’t have a copy of the key. Also, a strict schedule is to be followed for operating the storage units.  Firearms and CCTV cameras also give robust security to your storage unit.

5. Amenities:

When you are renting a storage unit from a company, make sure that it has some necessary amenities like ramps. Elevators and trolleys to move the items easily.

Also, you should look for a storage facility that provides climate-controlled services. As extreme temperatures may harm the belongings. So, with a temperature-controlled storage facility, you may save a lot of things.

6. Duration:

Every storage facility has its policies regarding stay duration. We suggest you choose a storage unit provider that offers flexible hours of contracts.  Few storage unit providers offer free shipment facilities as well.

Wrapping up!

These were the factors to find a suitable storage unit in Brighton. These factors may vary according to the student or user needs. But you should keep these factors in mind while dealing with any company in Brighton to avoid any inconvenience. If you think that any other factor is important. Share it in the comments section below.


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