With nearly 2 million podcasts available globally, podcast listeners can choose from a wide variety of content topics, one of them being mental health. Whether you’re an active podcast listener or you’re just thinking of picking up this hobby, there are more than enough benefits to listening to mental health podcasts now and then.

Even if you’re not someone who’s struggling with mental health daily, listening to this kind of content can make you more self-aware and more focused on self-improvement in many areas of life.

Listen to Podcasts Safely

Listening to mental health podcasts regularly will have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. However, you should keep in mind that you need a secure internet connection to be able to listen to podcasts safely without risking any data loss or security breaches.

Consider using a VPN to encrypt your data online and listen to podcasts without worrying about cybersecurity threats.

#1 The Positive Psychology Podcast

The Positive Psychology Podcast is our number one choice because it covers various topics that fall under the mental health niche. The podcast contains episodes on topics such as mindfulness, strengths, positive psychology, mental health improvement strategies, and overall passion and gratitude in life.

Besides the fact that this podcast covers a wide range of exciting topics, it also features many episodes, meaning there is more than enough content for you to digest during lengthy car rides or any other activity that a good podcast could follow.

The Positive Psychology Podcast has 4.4 out of 5 ratings on the Apple app store, showing how great its content is. The newer episodes feature guests, whereas the older ones host Kristen Truempy’s solo take on the project.

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#2 The Anxiety Podcast

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety daily, The Anxiety Podcast is the perfect one for you. The host of this show, Tim JP Collins, understands anxiety on a personal level. Thus he can create relatable and helpful content for everyone else who is dealing with similar struggles.

Collins’ mission through this podcast is to help you overcome anxiety, reduce stress, and live a more calm and peaceful life. With over 400 episodes waiting for you, there is more than enough content to get you focused on overcoming anxiety with the help of someone who’s been through it all.

While this podcast is an excellent source of valuable information, keep in mind that its host is not a licensed mental health provider. However, he does provide insights into his experiences with anxiety, which you might find helpful or at least somewhat relatable.

#3 Meditation Minis

If you’d like to work on improving your mental health, but you don’t have much time at your disposal, the Meditation Minis podcast is a great way to start feeling better quickly. This podcast consists of short meditation episodes of 10 minutes or less. Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton designed each episode with a focus on helping you feel better in the shortest amount of time possible.

All Hamilton’s mini-meditation sessions are completely free on iTunes and Spotify. With over 30 million downloads and 230 000 followers on Spotify, Meditation Minis have helped thousands of people overcome daily struggles and improve their mental health in a few minutes. The podcast will reach your various meditation techniques, which are not filtered by ability level.

You are free to explore Hamilton’s 5-star episodes on the Meditation Minis podcast and take up any meditation session you see fit for yourself. With only 10 minutes a day, you can make a significant difference in your mood and well-being in the long run.

#4 The Hilarious World of Depression

While the word “hilarious” is not something we would associate with depression, the host of this show, John Moe, decided to put together a podcast on this topic. The Hilarious World of Depression is a humorous mental health podcast that is guaranteed to make you smile even a little bit when you’re feeling down.

Not only does Moe bring humor to the conversation, but he also works on fighting the stigma against clinical depression. His podcast is available on multiple platforms, although he did not make it clear when planning to release new episodes.

Either way, The Hilarious World of Depression will bring you laughter and joy while listening to quite a serious topic. With this podcast, you will realize that you are not alone – there are millions of people out there that probably feel precisely like you do.

#5 The Trauma Therapist

Last but not least, we had to include The Trauma Therapist because this is one of the best mental health podcasts for trauma. The show regularly brings mental health experts who specialize in trauma and aim to help people get through these hurdles.

Besides being specifically focused on trauma, this podcast is hosted by a mental health professional – Guy Macpherson, Ph. D., and it features leading experts in the field. With a 4.5 star rating on Apple Podcast, this show has been putting out content quite consistently since 2014.

If you like The Trauma Therapist, you have the option to subscribe to their newsletter for trauma therapists, which costs around $20 per month. Overall, you will have plenty of free content to digest, with each episode being about 30 minutes long.