8 Tips to Play & Win at Online Slots

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Whether you’ve been playing for years, or whether you’re just getting into the fantastic world of online slots, a little bit of advice never went amiss.

Follow these eight tips to increase your chances of winning that jackpot you’ve had your eye on!

1)      Choose a reputable online casino

First things first. There are hundreds of online casinos out there. Make sure you do some homework and choose a reputable one. Sadly, in our digitalised world, digitalised fraud exists and some websites are only too happy to scam you for your money.

Even if the online casino has good intentions, there’s no guarantee it’ll be a financial success, and they may fold. This then affects you and your money. Make sure you look for online casinos licenced by UKGC – try and join Thor Slots.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates and licences the reputable online casinos, protecting you and your money.

2)      Choose the right game for you

No two slots games are ever exactly the same. Each game offers different bonuses, additional features, and RTP rates. Choose a game with a high RTP rate (online this is typically 96% and above).

This will determine the increased probability of you getting larger amounts of money back the more you play.

3)      Learn how to play the game

Two words: free demos. Use them! Simply by learning how to play one particular game really well will give you a much greater advantage when you play for real money.

Demos are completely free to play and you can hone your skills by playing for hours at no cost!

4)      Don’t waste your bonus rounds

Always ensure you’re making the most of your bonus rounds. The majority of huge wins happen during the bonus rounds and they often have slightly different rules from the rest of the game. These bonus round normally require skill instead of luck, like the reel spinning. Learn them well, and you’re more likely to see some money come your way.

5)      Avoid zombie gambling

You’ll have seen the pictures. Row after row of gamblers in Las Vegas robotically playing on slot machines. This is borderline addiction and some people lose all track of time, or how much money they’ve spent.

The most dangerous element is “zombie gambling” is LDWs. “Losses disguised as wins” (a pay-out that’s smaller than the bet size) are the main factor that keeps players gambling. Take a break every 30 minutes to bring you back to the world of the living!

6)      Mix up your games

Sometimes, no matter what you do, there is just no breaking a losing streak. What’s the best cure? Changing to a different game to freshen things up a bit can really make a difference. Just by looking at a new game with clear eyes, you may improve your luck and gain some winnings!

7)      Don’t dive in at the deep end

Be prudent with your finances. If you’re just starting out with an online casino, start off with small bets just to test the water. When you become more comfortable with the terms, conditions and withdrawal regulations, you can up the amounts you wager.

8)      Set a monetary limit

Last but not least, know your limits. It’s no secret that gambling is addictive and time passes quickly when you’re in the zone.

Before playing, set a limit of what you can afford to spend and don’t go over it. If you find that you’ve lost a chunk of cash, never play to recuperate losses either.