Solar panel systems for home use are becoming increasingly popular around the country. Despite the notoriety of UK weather, solar panels proved to be a viable solution for reducing carbon emissions. And as the government continues to push for clean energy, the demand for solar panel installations is on the rise.

If you’re considering installing one in your home, there’s much to consider. For instance, should you get a solar battery too, or keep your system connected to the grid? If you live in the North West, installation specialists in solar panels in Cheshire are available to assist you with your concerns. Nevertheless, let’s provide an overview of the benefits of getting a solar PV system.

Exclusive use of solar power generated

A solar panel system for home use generates power when the sun is out. Whatever you generate will be consumed for your household needs at a given time. For systems that are connected to the grid, any excess energy produced will be exported. Of course, you will receive a tariff in return. Since the sun doesn’t always shine, an on-the-grid system is more reliable and you can ensure you always have power.

However, the tariff you receive for excess solar energy is always lower than what you pay. In general, the tariff or rebates you get only serve as an incentive. So for some, it’s more worth it to use up all the energy you generate instead of exporting it.

Get more value out of your solar panel investment

If you’re thinking about complete independence from the grid, generating enough solar energy and having a storage system is ideal. Also, you’ll save more money in the long run and also make a more significant contribution to saving the environment.

If you’re considering adding a battery to your solar panel system, it’s crucial to learn about microinverters, as they play a pivotal role in optimizing energy conversion and storage efficiency.

But many people think that being off the grid is too difficult. Yes, it will require you to invest in a solar system with an accompanying battery – which will be more expensive. But the savings will be worth it in the long run.

A solar battery allows you to use solar energy when needed

A storage system is an efficient means to benefit from excess energy generated during the day. Since most households use up more energy at night, having a battery will allow you to maximise the power produced during the day. Of course, you also need to consider the battery’s capacity because you’ll want it to be able to supply enough for all your needs at night.

A battery also serves as a backup when there are power interruptions or blackouts. Although don’t happen often, it’s always better when you’re prepared.

It’s more cost-effective to get a solar panel system with a battery

Now is the best time to get a solar panel with a battery included. The cost of these systems dropped in recent years, and you pay off the investment within a few years. The good thing is, robust systems will last 20 years on average. This means you can continue to enjoy clean energy without having to pay a single electricity bill from a utility provider.