Some of the Best Places to Hit for a Sumptuous Meal in Paisley

Food brings people together in times of joy and grief alike. You meet your friends after years over a drink and snacks, hope to seal a business deal with some important client over lunch and, in fact, as morbid as it might sound, grieve over someone’s demise with food too. 

Therefore, it must not come as a surprise if we find multiple shows about food, cuisines of the world and restaurant reviews on different platforms. The first thing that we hunt for after reaching any destination is where we could eat and what options we have in food. Therefore, food can be rightfully called the token of cultural exchange and the language via which we understand a myriad range of emotions, cultures and ethnicities.

Speaking of which, in today’s article, we shall explore a few places that you can hit for a sumptuous meal on your trip to Paisley. This town, located in the west-central Lowlands of Scotland, has a thriving scene when it comes to restaurants and eateries. Therefore, it becomes almost like a mandate to talk about them in a separate article so that you know where to go to find some juicy meat and an elaborate breakfast menu. Without any further ado, allow us to take you through a journey of these restaurants and tease your taste buds.

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The Cardosi family stands as a testament to the Paisley-Italian tradition of the land and have proudly been in business since the 1920s. One of the more recent Cardosi’s restaurants that can be found in Paisley is at Storie Street. It is known to provide a decadent spin on many Italian classics that tourists are sure to love. If you have a penchant for Italian herbs and spices with a Scottish catch, Cardosi’s restaurants are your places to be.

Caffe Royale:

Who does not love quiet and quaint cafes? The ambience of cafes is magical, calming and something that infuses the atmosphere with a spirit of joy. If you are a person who loves cafes a bit too much, do not miss out on Caffe Royale. This café promises people the classic taste of Italy right in Scotland. Therefore, head over to this café, tune in to the morning show apple tv, drink a cup of coffee and savour the feeling of being in Italy right in Scotland.

Multan Tandoori:

Millions of people around the globe love Indian cuisine. The spices, the exotic herbs, dollops of butter and ‘ghee’ in almost every food, and juicy chicken tossed and grilled in ‘tandoors’ are what set the Indian cuisine aside from every other cuisine. From an array of tender chicken curries and fries to some mouth-watering veggies tossed with a lot of love, Indian tourists can find their roots at this restaurant situated in a side street. Multan Tandoori is a name unto itself, and if you are an Indian food enthusiast, this hidden gem is a must-visit.

Pendulum Bar and Grill:

If you are in the mood for some steak and drinks, find your way to Pendulum Bar and Grill at once. The establishment was opened in 2017 by the Cardosi family and has been a tourist attraction for many good reasons besides just its food. You can have a drink with the view of Abbey and Town Hall, and nothing else comes even as close to this when talking about places of scenic beauty in Paisley.

Burger and Keg:

The name itself gives everything away about this eatery, and you might not find a better place in Paisley with the best burgers like this one. What you need to do is simple. You have to order their signature style burger and customise it with whatever it is that you want on it. Plus, you can also order from their wide range of drinks and enjoy the same with your burger and some live entertainment. Finally, Burger and Keg is an absolute treat if you want a sumptuous breakfast palette.

Little Steak House:

It looks like Paisley and steak have a loving and symbiotic relationship with each other. There are innumerable steakhouses, and this one serves as one among them. However, if you want some quality steak, Little Steak House might be your one-stop destination. You have the option of private dining in this little place, and you can enjoy your evening with delightful, meaty treats.

Wrapping It Up:

Paisley is nothing less than a delight for those who love trying out different types of food yet want to play it safe when it comes to the taste buds. There are different variations of the same food, all of which are delectable and mouth-watering. Therefore, if you have been planning a trip to this beautiful town, do not forget to hit these places to satiate your taste buds.