Cleaning at home is always important, but, after the coronavirus situation, it has become even more accentuated, even going so far as to question some of our habits when tidying up the house. In addition, not all spaces in the home should be cleaned in the same way, there are spaces or rooms that are more susceptible to harboring germs, and, therefore, need a more thorough and exhaustive disinfection.

When it comes to disinfecting the house, everyone has their tricks, but you have to remember the experts; in the habits, is the key so that the cleaning of the home does not become a nightmare.

I know that many of you are clear about the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, but in the face of the COVID 19 coronavirus, these terms become even more important. Here are the common questions: how long should I leave a product to work for it to work properly? How to disinfect home for coronavirus? In which rooms do I have to put more emphasis? How often is a deep cleaning necessary?

Many doubts arise at the time of disinfecting the home, but do not worry, with this super guide on tips on how to clean a house you will have the answers you need.

How to disinfect the house from coronavirus?

Obviously, this is an issue that concerns us all, and before we get into cleaning the rooms of the house. First, we want to remember some good home cleaning guidelines to help us prevent infections and possible infections of the coronavirus.

Here, we must pay special attention to the areas with the highest concentration of germs and those that we touch most frequently. Remember to use disinfectant products. If you use bleach (Sodium hypochlorite, whose dissolution in water is known as bleach): mix 20 ml of bleach (3-5%) with 980 ml of water. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. To clean the house, follow the instructions on the labels and DO NOT mix bleach, soap, detergents or other cleaners, you can get a good scare!

Bathroom and kitchen faucets

Throughout the day, we turn on and off the taps in the house several times, this is great for washing our hands and removing the scab, but what about the grime? Do not forget to clean them, it is useless to clean your hands if to close the tap you touch it while it is dirty. Everything we normally touch several times a day in the home must be disinfected and cleaned well

Electronics devices

The most used objects in our day to day, the mobile or the tablet is almost an extension of our body. And that’s not all, these devices are in contact with all kinds of surfaces, therefore, they are a great source of dirt that must be constantly cleaned.

Knobs and switches

The household knobs and switches are used continuously throughout the day, by all members of the family. Our hands are in contact with all kinds of surfaces and all our dirt ends up there. It is essential to disinfect!

Keyboards and desks

The computer keyboard is one of the biggest pockets of germs and filth among the nooks, besides the desks, they spend a large part of the day. It is important to clean them frequently, even after each day.

Sponges and cloths

Sponges and cloths are the best allies for cleaning, but are they useful if they are dirty? If they are not clean enough there is little you can do with them, they will even be counterproductive, as you will drag the dirt they contain throughout the home. It is important to clean and disinfect them every time you use them, with detergents or some disinfectant.

Now that you know the surfaces that you must take into account and that, many times we forget, it is time to clean them. Do it slowly and carefully. However if you don’t feel confident about your work, turning it all over to a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is a solution worth considerin