One of the most mind-blowing things in the world is getting to travel to other countries and get to experience their culture, food, landscapes, monuments, museums, architecture, history, and scenery. 

Going on a trip to Ireland is a perfect decision as you get to experience the dramatic seaside scenery and idyllic country landscapes that it offers in abundance. However, you could regret visiting Ireland if you do not make plans to maximize enjoying the countryside and its scenery. Here is a guide to help you plan that perfect trip and enjoy your stay.

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Choose The Best Time To Visit

You need to know which time of the year is the best for traveling to Ireland and you need to be conversant with the seasons in the country so you can choose the right time. The Irish country has winter and summer seasons. Summer starts mid-June through mid-September while winter referred to as Low months is from November to March. But, there is a window between these two seasons that is called ‘Shoulder Season’ in Ireland which is from April, May, early June to early October.

The weather is usually mild but cool in April and May, and planning a trip to the country in spring is a good way to beat the tourist crowds that comes in June, July, and August. September is also a good time to visit Ireland before the winter weather arrives. Mind you, there are some parts of Ireland that experience more rainy days.

Check Visa Requirements

If you are a resident of the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, or an EU member state, you will not need a visa to visit Ireland for up to 90 days for tourism purposes, however, make sure that your passport has at least six months validity. 

However, if you are from other countries besides the ones captured above, you need to obtain a visa from the Ireland Embassy within your country of residence. Once that is sorted, you can set a date for your trip and buy your ticket.


Where you will stay depends on how long you plan to explore Ireland, you could make it interesting by alternating where to stay when you are in the country. Dublin city has exceptional hotels that you can stay in, if you intend to explore the country during your stay, you have arrays of bed-and-breakfast (B&B), cottages, a motel that is quite inexpensive. 

The beauty of exploring the country is to explore ancient homes in the countryside to appreciate their history and culture.


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There are varieties of options when it comes to traveling around the country. Private coach buses connect major towns, so you can use that to travel to the countryside. You can use public transportation to get around too in Dublin and other towns. 

But, it will be better to hire a car if you want to see rural Ireland or buy a leap card to get good deals on public transportation. 


This is the most interesting part, no one has an unpleasant experience when you talk about food in Ireland. There is so much to choose from in Ireland, you have street food and farmer’s market, simple gas station delis, hotel restaurants, and fast-food chains, depending on your budget you will be well-fed. 

Places To Tour And Visit

The beautiful thing about Ireland is that you could go for a walk and still be touring the city of Dublin, enjoying the scenery and history. There are pubs you can visit to have a good time and engage in conversation, you can explore the libraries in the country too if you are a history buff. 

Meanwhile, make sure you get an Irish Heritage Card, which is inexpensive and will make you explore the country’s history and monuments. The card will give you free admission to all the fifty-two heritage sites scattered around the country and managed by the county’s Office of Public Works (OPW).

Purchase Travel Insurance

Make this a priority when planning a vacation to Ireland, though you are on a fun trip but prepare for the unexpected. Get a travel insurance cover that has travel cancellation protection, emergency medical coverage, rental car protection, emergency evacuation, gear theft protection, and emergency help, when you have this covered, you will have the peace of mind to enjoy the scenery of the Irish countryside and the unceasing banter among its indigenes. 

Use this guide to plan a perfect trip to the Irish countryside on your preferred budget and be rest assured you will get the best experience from exploring the history, culture, value, and homeliness of Ireland. 


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