As the nation preps for a change in COVID-19 restrictions, with the ‘stay home’ slogan shifting to ‘stay local,’ we are all excited for this new freedom.

Staying local doesn’t just help prevent the spread of the virus, either. With most businesses being closed for the majority of the past year, staying local supports the community and local economy while it gets back on its feet.

In today’s guide, we’re discussing how you can renovate your home using businesses in your area.

Filter your online search

Of course, it’s not recommended that we all take to the streets for a bit of window shopping. But this in itself makes it difficult to get a feel for what local businesses are up to.

Online, while you might normally head straight to Amazon or B&Q for your renovation materials and home décor, you can shop local by filtering your search results. On Google, adding ‘near me’ to the end of your search will show you the types of businesses you’re looking for in your area.

For the smaller details, like art, mirrors, and even drawer handles, try out NuMonday. Similar to Etsy, NuMonday is specifically for UK creators, meaning you’ll be supporting those in your local area while also receiving beautifully high-quality and quirky pieces for your home.

Use a local expert app

Apps specifically for finding local builders and contractors are great for comparing quotes from different vendors and selecting one that works for you. On sites and apps like, you can fill out what type of work you’re looking for and when and wait for the quotes to arrive from real people and small businesses within your area.

As well as contractors, roofers or even landscaping, you can also search for other things you need for your renovation. For example, if you need to hire a 6 yard skip, or need a van driver to deliver a larger item from further away, you can check online for a local business app and find quotes for just about anything.

Facebook groups & marketplace

If you are part of a community group on Facebook, there is sometimes a business page for local businesses to add their details. There may also be posts within the group for certain vendors which you can then contact to find out more.

As well as specific groups, you can also find contractors, building materials, and furniture on the general marketplace. The marketplace is automatically linked to your local area, meaning you can browse at your leisure to find some local treasures for your home.

These are just a few ways to stay local while working on your home renovations. Of course, it might seem easier to head to a major retailer for all your materials, but smaller businesses need much more support in the current climate. It’s important to support the local community so that we don’t lose these precious brands in the aftermath of the pandemic.