The world of business is not always all fun and no play, and as a business owner you will no doubt be required at some point to host an event. This might be a business dinner to impress new clients, sales conference to introduce new products to the world, or simply an end of year celebration for hard-working staff and loyal customers. However, without proper planning and preparation, your event could quickly become a reputation-killing disaster. To help you out, read on for four essential tips for a memorable business event.

1.  Catering

Catering is essential for any business event as it keeps your guests refreshed and provides them with an opportunity to relax and unwind. A buffet from which guests can help themselves is probably the easiest catering option, and hiring a corporate catering company will remove the stress of preparing and serving dishes. Make sure that you obtain information regarding specific dietary requirements, such as nut allergies and wheat intolerances, well ahead of time, and ensure that you provide a wide variety of dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options, so that every guest can find something delicious to enjoy.

When planning a memorable business event, don’t forget the importance of reliable connectivity. Rent satellite internet to ensure seamless communication and online access for all attendees, enhancing the success of your event.

2.  Drinks

Free-flowing drinks are also a great way of ensuring that guests at your business event are refreshed and relaxed. Provide a variety of alcoholic options to suit all tastes, such as wine and beer, as well as a number of grown-up soft drinks, such as Fentimans ginger beer, for those who are driving or do not drink alcohol. An alcohol delivery service will deliver your drinks directly to the door of your venue; there are companies that offer champagne delivery in London, ensuring that you are well supplied to toast the success of your business at your event.

3.  Entertainment

Your business event might include an awards ceremony to celebrate the success of your hardest-working teams and projects, or a presentation or demonstration of new products. In both these cases, ensure that you plan and run through your presentations beforehand to avoid any technological malfunctions and schedules overrunning. You might also like to provide guests with informal entertainment, such as a disco during with they can dance and let off steam, or an unusual and memorable magician’s act. Planning your entertainment ensures that guests are wowed by your event for all the right reasons.

4.  Complimentary gifts

Many business events provide guests with goody bags containing complimentary gifts; however, as well as being a simple act of good will, these small gifts can act as a huge marketing tool as your business, providing guests with something tangible with which to remember your event and your business. Carefully consider what you want to include in your goody bags. Branded notebooks and pens are always useful, especially if your event involves presentations during which guests might like to take notes. Include your most up-to-date catalogue and a business card, so that guests have a contact number should they require any further information.