Some people are able to thrive off of having no plan on a day-to-day basis, instead just choosing to bounce between things where they can to get the results that they need. Others might instead prefer to plan things out more thoroughly so they know when and where they need to be at every moment. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels a little, it can leave you feeling like you need to shake your days up somewhat. Here are some of the best ways to do so.

Know What You Have to Do

The first step will always be to work out what you actually have to do each day. Some people like to sit down the night before and properly plan and list their tasks for the day. Others will arrange it in a bullet journal. Try a few options out and see what works for you!

There are many different things that you could try to organise. Some people enjoy meal prepping as it gets all of their cooking out of the way early in the week, meaning all they have to do is come back and reheat things. You could also plan your outfit the night before so you don’t have to stress about what you are going to wear the next day. There is plenty to organise in your life!

Find Apps to Help

Our phones can be an incredibly important resource to us, and so we should look into how we might be able to use them for organising our day too. There is an app for everything, and each one could help you to schedule a different aspect of your life.
For example, some people might want to use an online therapy app to manage an appointment with a counsellor, others might have their local public transport so they can monitor for updates, and some might even have a task management app so nothing is left behind and forgotten.

Add a Wind-Down

No matter how busy your days might get, you need to make sure that you have a small area of time where you can relax and settle your mind and body before you go to sleep. Even if you are on the go until late at night, even just half an hour could make all the difference in how you then approach the next day.

When planning out your days, make sure you have this small window. It is entirely your time, and could be ample opportunity for you to take a bath or read a book before you go to bed and get ready for the new day.

Learning to manage your day will take perseverance and a lot of hard work, but it can also be much needed if you feel like your days are too unstructured at the moment. If you feel like you want to be better organised in your general life, take a look into some of the tips above so your life can become organised that little bit better.