Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential health benefits are showing promising results as a sleeping aid, anti-anxiety remedy and an alternative to painkillers, among many other uses. Although there is no question that CBD is a beneficial addition to your wellness routine, this booming industry is still not fully regulated. 


And since CBD, which is available in different formats such as capsules, edibles, vapes, topicals, mouth sprays like VAAY CBD oil 10% and many others, is becoming more popular each day, the danger of fake CBD-enriched products is on the rise, too. Here are the top six details to look for to help you recognise several warning signs and lower your chances of buying fake CBD products.


High Dosages


When you see a CBD product with a label 5,000mg or 12,000 mg or even 140,000 mg in a 30mL bottle, this product is definitely not everything that it is presenting itself to be. Most CBD brands rarely exceed 3,000 mg per bottle. Not to mention, how can you possibly fit such outrageous amounts of a substance into a small 30ml bottle?


Just as you need to be wary of labels that contain too much outlandish information, you also need to pay attention to labels that do not say important details like CBD concentration. Consider purchasing products that share how much CBD and THC you are receiving per serving, not just the total cannabinoid content of the entire bottle. This will help avoid confusion with daily dosage and also give you added confidence that what you are buying actually contains the right components and the potency you are looking for. And don’t forget to look through the lab tests to verify this information is true.


Hemp Seed Oil Label


While both can be considered hemp oil, there is a huge difference between full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil. However, this is a technicality that some retailers use to avoid being penalised for marketing their products like “hemp extract” or “hemp oil” because they know most users have trouble understanding the difference. 


There is actually nothing wrong with hemp seed oil, and this oil has its own benefits, but not medicinal ones. Hemp seed oil is simply the oil of pressed hemp seeds while the high quality and most potent CBD oils are made from hemp flowers. Although other parts of the plant like its leaves and shoots can also be used, they have much less CBD content. Hemp seeds, and therefore hemp seed oil, do not contain any phytocannabinoids like CBD, so they won’t provide therapeutic effects. It is also crucial to mention that hemp oil is a popular choice for a carrier oil in various CBD products, so it can be listed in the list of components, but not as the first ingredient.


Plus, hemp seed oil products are usually much cheaper than a true full-spectrum hemp extract that contains CBD oil, so when in doubt, make sure to look at the price. When buying a cheaper product, you may end up paying for the product with the medicinal value of olive oil.


Fake Full-Spectrum CBD


Another thing to watch for is CBD companies that advertise their CBD products as “full-spectrum” and “contain zero THC” at the same time, which is simply contradictory. 


Full-spectrum CBD, also called a full or whole plant extract, contains a full range of components naturally found in cannabis plants, including minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and small traces of THC compound. While these trace amounts won’t cause a ‘high’, if the product does not have any amounts of THC, then it cannot be called a full-spectrum hemp extract.


However, when it comes to broad-spectrum CBD products, all traces of THC are removed during the extraction process, making such products true for ‘THC-free’ claims and even safe for users that are subjected to regular drug testing.


Clear Bottle


You should also avoid CBD companies that pour CBD oil into a clear bottle. Cannabidiol is sensitive to light and can break down when exposed to UV light. Any educated and reputable CBD manufacturer knows that CBD must be packaged in dark amber or dark-coloured bottles to prevent UV deterioration and properly preserve the product.


Hence, any brand that stores their CBD oil in a clear bottle is more concerned with surface details like the design of the package than the real effectiveness of their CBD products. CBD products bottled in a clear glass, as well as items with clear CBD oils, indicate very poor quality. Similarly, plastic can contaminate the oil and break down over time, so that is another reason glass bottles are the material of choice.


“Cure-All” Claims


If the product’ label of CBD oil or CBD gummies makes too-good-to-be-true claims to “cure” your anxiety disorder or “cure” your insomnia, that’s a big red flag. In fact, making serious health claims are only legal for prescription drugs and are strictly prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission when it comes to natural supplements like CBD infused products.


Therefore, don’t trust any CBD company that claims it can cure or treat any medical ailment as well as over-the-top marketing lingo like ‘100% CBD’ or ‘Real CBD Oil’. Any brand willing to make these kinds of outlandish claims about their CBD products and looking to make a quick buck by stuffing their sites with disease-related keywords does not deserve your trust.


The Price Is Too High Or Too Low


Dishonest CBD companies tend to charge more, because why not? If you are already offering a fake CBD product, why not raise the price as much as consumers are willing to pay while you do it? 


CBD is a pretty unique compound that requires extra expenditures for specialised extraction equipment and qualified personnel to use it, cultivation licenses and third-party testing, in addition to the standard costs of running a business. Nevertheless, if the CBD product you are looking at is way too expensive, it probably is. At the same time, low prices are also not a great option when it comes to CBD products. When the price is dirt cheap, such products can include harmful components without actual CBD in the composition.

Make sure to determine the average price and compare your selected CBD product with similar offerings from reliable CBD companies like VAAY.


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