When you need a helping hand with your real estate business, what you want is a virtual assistant. You can put up a job ad in social media or in freelance websites, but do you actually have the time?

Hiring someone can take up a good portion of your schedule. The reason why you need a virtual assistant is to take work off your shoulders. So, going through the entire hiring process is counterproductive.

Is there a way to go around this dilemma? Fortunately, there is. There are agencies you can seek to provide you with the best virtual assistants. Scour through the internet even deeper and you are going to find not just any virtual assistant, but one that is trained in the field of real estate.

So, what does this mean? The agency has done the entire hiring process. They have filtered out applicants and trained them to ensure that you only get the very best. The only thing left for you to do is put them onboard your business.

Now, it is time to begin your real estate virtual assistant company search. However, it can get a little complicated. There are a lot of choices and you are only going to want the best. To save you from the burden of having to check each one of them, here is a compilation of the 5 best companies.

1.     Muggtech

As a real estate agent, you are going to need a lot of help, whether it may be technical aspects for your website or marketing. In Muggtech, they don’t just give you a virtual assistant to help in your routine work. Instead, they provide you with a vast range of services to get your business up and keep on running.

If you are looking for skilled individuals that you can rely on, Muggtech is the place to be. Real estate virtual assistants are great, but people whom you no longer have to train are the best. When dealing with this kind of skill set, the only thing you are left doing is making decisions that actually matter.

2.     Shore Agents

Dedicated to providing real estate virtual assistants, Shore Agents knows what they are doing. They will give you an assistant who already knows the ins and outs of the real estate business. So, you have a lot more flexibility with what you can do with them.

However, there is one small drawback to what seems to be a great offer. They outsource their real estate virtual assistants from third world countries. While there is no doubt that they have the skillset and are properly trained, they are in a market that doesn’t remotely resemble the real estate situation in first world nations.

3.     Virtual Assistant Talent

When you are looking for a virtual assistant that specializes in real estate, Virtual Assistant Talent is an agency that can provide just that. As a matter of fact, they provide a wide array of virtual assistants with different specializations. So, you no longer have to train them about the details. Just concentrate on getting them onboard your business.

The best thing about it is that you can hit them up to get a quotation for what you need. Only need a part-timer? No problem. Need more than one virtual assistant, close a deal that will benefit both you and the agency.

4.     Acelerar

Sometimes, you can end up spending too much on a virtual assistant. You might only need data entry services, but since you have someone with a wider skillset, it costs more.

Make sure you are only spending on what you need. In Acelerar, you get to choose the service and specialization you are interested in. There is a wide assortment to choose from, ranging from digital design to as simple as data entry.

5.     Staff Virtual

As its name suggests, Staff Virtual is dedicated to giving you the virtual workforce you need. If you are in need of help in doing back-office work or customer support, they are experts in the field.

However, where this company shines is also where you are going to find a problem. Other than the two mentioned services, they don’t provide anything else. No advanced specialization or whatsoever. So, if you are looking for technically skilled virtual assistants, this is not going to be the best for you.


Knowing the best real estate virtual assistant companies takes a huge load off of your back. You no longer have to go scouring the internet and checking the credibility of each one. What you are left with is choosing the best one out of the five that suits your needs.

The best part about virtual assistant companies is that it is not a long-term commitment. Not satisfied with the services you are getting? Proceed to the next one on the list and try out if it will better suit your needs.