As parents, you wanted to give the best of everything for your children. You wanted them to grow and excel in everything. You dreamt of molding your child to be the best version of themselves. That is why it is natural that you get them the best learning experience that they can have.

With the advent of technology, children are more inclined to gadgets. They’re getting more frenzy with the things that they do with the internet. You often hear a lot of times that spending too much on gadgets has negative effects on children. Studies show that it greatly affects their brain development. 

Technological developments have their own pros and cons. Technology has upscale the learning methods children can use to learn new knowledge. There are a few apps that you can trust; a studying tool at 11 plus will help your child advance to preparations and tutor support. It has numerous mock questions, mock tests, and engaging practice apps, making learning more fun and engaging. 

There are a lot of fields of study that a child can learn. Intelligence is not solely based on a few subjects. Intelligence varies and has different types of intelligence. If you want your child to excel in grammar, you can trust Paisley’s professionals, where it teaches young minds the beauty of grammar for so many years already. It is packed with many resources, tools, and teaching professionals to help you best with the subject. 

If you want to know more about what tech-based solutions will help your children perform better in school, read on. 

Listed below are the top 10 of the best tech-based solutions that you can implement to help your child perform better in school:


This is one of the fun and engaging learning app that is best suited for toddlers. Toddlers need extra catchy and fun learning methods to keep them motivated to learn. 

2.  Epic

This is a great app when you’re teaching your child how to read. It keeps an interactive approach between a parent and a child. The importance of teaching your child to read has a great impact on early development. It teaches your child to enjoy reading. In addition to that, cultivating a child’s mind to develop his/her reading habit will do great wonders for her/him in the long run. 

3.  Hungry Caterpillar Play School

This app is suitable for preparing your child for school. If you want your toddler to get trained on going to school, this app is for you. It will teach your child basic learning areas such as colors, alphabet, shapes, book reading, and puzzles. Preparing your child to go to school will better help your child to participate in school. 

4.  Quick Math, Jr.

Math can be a difficult subject for some children. Some find it boring and brain wracking. That is why it is important to teach your child to love math the right way. You can teach your child that learning math is fun with this app. It has unique visuals that make it more creative and interactive.

5.  Stack the States

This game is very competitive and educational too. If you want to make your child more familiar with the country’s different states, let your child play this educational game. It is a trivia game wherein you got to identify which state you are in. Once you identify the state you can stack it up to a certain height. This is best suited for middle schoolers.

6.  Duolingo

This app is best suited for High School Students. If you want your child to learn a different language, you can practice through countless audio materials available in this app. Parents are encouraged to learn a different language with this app, together with their children. It is a great tool to enhance your communication skills also.

7.  Swift Playground

This is the perfect venue to learn coding without overwhelming. Coding is taught here through puzzles that you need to solve. You can learn the basics of coding with this kind of app. If you want to prepare your child to become a coding professional, this is the best app to learn.

8.  Winky Think Logic Puzzles

This app aims to develop problem-solving skills in children. Your child needs to match shapes and colors to solve a puzzle. The skills that you develop and enhance with this app are essential in their math subjects. It also nurtures your child to think and analyze before making a move.

9.  Number Run

This is similar to Temple Run, but instead of overcoming hurdles, you need to quickly solve a math drill to proceed to the next round. It is focused on getting your child to think quickly on their feet. 

10. PBS Kids Play and Learn Science

You wanted to let your child explore different properties of matter, including water. But you tend to worry if some bacteria and germs are in there when they play with water. In this app, you’ll have a virtual simulation. You get to learn about science without worrying about getting harm or getting stinky with the experiment.

Allowing your kids for longer screen time can be dangerous to them. But, if you choose the apps mentioned above, you can be assured that they are learning something and developing. Choosing the right app for your child to make them the best version of themselves is crucial in monitoring that they are doing great. Somehow the learnings and the experience that they will get from educational apps can be implemented in their real lives.

Talented & Gifted

T&G is an app by Kids Academy. It brings all the subjects relevant for preschool and elementary school up to Grade 3 together. All the courses are grade-level aligned and based on CCSS and other major systems of educational standards. With the Talented and Gifted school app for kids, you’ll have a rich selection of quality activities at your disposal: instructional and entertaining videos, games, interactive worksheets and assessment quizzes. All the activities are auto-scored, and the progress reports are sent weekly to a parent’s email.

It is a great pleasure for parents to know that their children are performing better in school. Your child’s intelligence can be enhanced with the right use of technology and, of course, with the right guidance from their parents. If your child does not have the same development against his/her age, do not worry about it. Every child is unique, and you’ll have to support their pacing.