Another year, another lockdown, and this one may be even more strict than before considering the situation caused by the new variant of the Coronavirus. It is dangerous to go outside or meet anyone, and quarantine is the only solution left. So why not make it worthwhile and productive altogether

To make things better and free of boredom, we have come up with a small list of all the right options you can utilize to make this lockdown entertaining. So read along and feel free to try whatever option suits best for you. 

Online Gaming Session

Thanks to modern-day technology, the internet is flooded with tons of online games that one can play via smartphones or other gadgets. Moreover, you can ask your friends to accompany you too. Recent online games that are trending and Scribble, a draw-and-guess match you can play on your browser. 

Another one recently on the list and trending is Among Us—a mobile phone game with a murderer playing bluff among other players. Guess the killer and kick them out by voting among yourselves. These multiplayer games are the perfect source of entertainment and help you interact with your friends during a strict lockdown period where you can’t meet them personally. 

Virtual Video Games

Okay, so this is not a new way because virtual video gaming sessions have been happening since forever. Sadly, this is the only alternative because lockdown and strict quarantine have left us with no option to gather up and play video games with our friends live together. 

So, in that case, a virtual online video game session it is. The perfect way to not only keep you entertained but also maintain your social life via numerous players online from around the world and amongst your group of friends. 

Host Netflix Party

No quarantine is complete without a group movie night! And thanks to the best streaming platform in the world, you can now host a virtual movie night via Netflix Party. Netflix Party is an extension of Netflix where you can stream and chat with your friends in real-time from anywhere. The best part about it is that you won’t have to worry about synchronizing your movie playtime or sound etc. everyone will have the same scene on their screen. 

But we can’t guarantee that all your friends are going to have the same library if some of them live abroad. Since Netflix has a strong geo-restriction based on different regions, you may have to get hold of the best VPN for Netflix to access those restricted titles and libraries. It may seem like a hassle, but honestly, you will open up a variety of new TV shows and movies that were otherwise unavailable in your location. 

Sign-Up for a Cooking Course

Cooking is therapeutic, and since all of us are spending our time home, cooking our own meals, we might as well make it exciting and fun, turning it into a full-fledged source of entertainment. There are numerous tutorials available online, but only following those may not be as helpful and entertaining as following a complete course with timed and interactive classes. 

And a plus for all this is that it will help you stay busy during quarantine and keep you entertained and productive throughout your time at home. And most of all, you will be learning a new skill altogether, which is a fantastic thing to do in itself. 

Start Streaming a New Show

Busy life and busy routine made our watchlist grow uncontrollably, making us stop and ponder over the long list and finally choose the show that you wanted to watch all this time but couldn’t due to time constraints. Now, you have all the time in the world, so go for it! 

Pick the show of your choice, grab your favorite snack, and start your binge session without a hint of any guilt. You will be amazed to see how good and relaxing it is to relieve yourself off of all the day’s stress by unwinding yourself in front of the screen and finally giving yourself the “me time” you rightfully deserved. Just don’t let yourself get addicted to it. 

Final Thoughts

Besides the options mentioned above, there are tons of other ways for you to keep yourself entertained and not all of them have to be regarding gaming or streaming. In the end, it all depends on what you enjoy the most, for some book reading can be entertaining and therapeutic. For some of their pets or spending time with their families, you do what you find best for yourself.