Buying a used car is a big purchase, and along with it comes plenty of questions. If you’re a first-time car buyer, you have more questions than the average person. You should never feel out of place when asking the salesperson questions. Always remember they are there to help you with buying a car. There’s no such thing as a stupid question when you’re making such an important purchase. These are a few of the questions that you should ask before buying Used Cars in San Diego.

Where did you get the vehicle?

It sounds like a simple question, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. How they got the car can say a lot about what you can expect from it. For example, a car bought from a car rental company will have been driven much more than a car brought in from a lease. If the car is a trade-in, that also says a lot about what you should expect. The real issue is how much you’re paying for the vehicle and its condition. If it was once a rental and the price is right, then go for it. There’s a balance here, and its price, condition, and age. All three of those things play a factor, and not one is more overriding than the other.

Has the dealership serviced the car?

If you’re dealing with a high-quality dealership, the answer to that question should be yes. However, there may be situations where the car hasn’t been serviced yet. If the car was just brought to the lot recently, they might not have had a chance to service it. If that’s the case, then you should ask if they plan on servicing it. If they aren’t planning on doing routine maintenance, you’re probably better off buying something else from the lot.

Can you get a discount if you pay in cash?

Most of you will require financing, but some will be able to pay for the car with cash. If you’re able to pay the full price with cash, ask if there’s any way they can give you a discount. The dealer should be able to give you a pretty hefty discount for paying in cash. Why? The process of financing and all that takes time and there’s also the whole waiting for the money thing on their part. Paying in cash means they don’t have to wait, and they’ll have their money right away.

Never walk away from a dealership with questions

The salesperson’s job is to make sure you’re a satisfied customer. You can’t be delighted if you still have questions. Any time you have unanswered questions, it means something can go wrong. Write down your questions in advance if you must to make sure that you don’t forget to ask anything. Don’t be afraid to have the salesperson break everything down and talk as plainly as possible. Remember, the salesperson is receiving a commission off the sale, which means they’re getting paid when the deal is finalized. There’s nothing wrong with making a person work for their money, and they should be more than willing to do so.