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With the onset of a global pandemic and strict social distancing restrictions in place, remote working has quickly gone from a luxury to an imperative for many knowledge workers. As communication is the lifeblood of any successful operation, Cisco Webex Teams is one of the premier tools for fostering collaboration. While rolling out Webex Teams accounts for employees can be an arduous, time-consuming process, with the right automation tool, the time and effort of the provisioning process can be drastically reduced to ensure seamless business continuity.

Provisioning New Employees for Work from Home (WFH)

Using Provisioning ManagerTM from Akkadian Labs, on-boarding new employees with Webex Teams can be a simple process for unified communications (UC) administrators. With a native Active Directory integration facilitating full-cycle, zero-touch provisioning, any time a new employee is added to Active Directory the software detects the change, and an automated workflow sets them up with Webex Teams and other required Cisco UC applications.

Quickly Provisioning Current Employees During Lockdown

Provisioning current employees is also easy with Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s bulk provisioning feature. Rather than manually provisioning individual employees, bulk provisioning empowers Admins to onboard thousands of employees in a single batch—radically cutting the time it would normally require. Take for instance one of Akkadian’s clients—a large healthcare provider with thousands of employees who quickly needed to be provisioned for WFH capabilities at the beginning of the pandemic. Using Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s bulk provisioning feature, in a single weekend they were able to rapidly respond to the crisis and provision over a thousand employees to work from home.

Webex Teams is a powerful tool for collaborating, especially under remote working conditions. With Akkadian Provisioning Manager for rolling out Teams, and Mio for enabling collaboration across different messaging platforms, you can optimize the collaborative potential for your organization and ensure that working from home doesn’t disrupt business operations.