The climate conditions in Manchester are characterized be the equal precipitation amount all the year round. Due to the moderate oceanic climate and the influence of the Gulf stream, the city enjoys a slight temperature difference between the seasons. Manchester weather in summer offers an opportunity to organize picnics and outdoor strolls.

As far as the temperature is concerned, it rarely rises above +20 degrees Celsius. In the evening, the temperature drops to +16 degrees, so you should take warm clothes before leaving home. During the warm season, weather in Manchester is dry. 

The precipitation level amounts to 65 mm in July and 80 mm in August. The number of sunny days reaches up to 28. It rains rarely in summer. The cloudy sky won’t prevent you from having an outdoor stroll. When the summer season ends, comes the time of fog and frequent rains. The number of daylight hours gradually decreases. In late July and early August, it amounts to about 16 hours.

Peculiarities of Cardiff weather

The climate of Cardiff can be classified as subhumid. The city differs from neighboring regions by the fact that humidity remains at an optimal level all over the year. Sometimes the air warms up to 25 degrees Celsius, with the winter temperature not falling below -4 degrees. Detailed information about Cardiff weather includes data about temperature, humidity, as well as other indicators.

Summer in the region is believed to be perfect. The minimum precipitation amount and the bearable air temperature make the city a comfortable place for tourist excursions. The middle of July – early August is the summer season peak. During the daytime, the air warms up to 21 degrees Celsius and drops slightly in the evening.

During this season, weather in Cardiff can boast a large number of sunny days. Clouds rarely appear in the sky, with the average precipitation level not exceeding 85 mm. By the end of August, fogs appear, which indicate the approaching rainy weather.  

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Bonus – recommendations regarding choice of clothes.

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