London has raised some of the renowned brands so as you choose a venue keep in mind that this city has can determine the success of your event. Just to break it down, the venue will determine the date of the event, the number of people that can attend and catering options among other things. What then, should you consider when choosing your event space?

Here are 5 factors to consider when looking for an event venue in London:

Location. When looking for an event space you should always consider a venue that is closer to where attendees are coming from. In the case where attendees are out of town make sure the venue is closer to the airport or their hotels. Keep in mind other factors like transportation. You can minimize the chances of attendees getting to the venue late by providing a mobile event app so they can track their movement. If your event has an exhibition, you can do posters, interactive indoor maps or parallel sessions to help attendees navigate conveniently.

Capacity. You must find a venue whose capacity can accommodate your attendees comfortably while taking into account the fire and safety codes. This is especially important now when Covid-19 has changed how we do things. For instance, a venue that would initially hold a capacity of 500 people will now take fewer people because of the social distancing requirement

Parking. Check that the event venue has a parking lot that your event attendees can access and use with ease. In places where there is no packing, you could look at the available alternatives. For example, you could reserve parking lots for your attendees. Alternative you can negotiate for discounts and share promo codes with your attendees.

Amenities and services. This is another crucial factor for consideration when it comes to opening a pop-up store London or hiring event space for rent London. Find out about the venue’s audiovisual capabilities. While some venues have built-in audiovisual equipment you have to bring your own for others. It is also important to take into account services like set up and clean up. Not all venues will have a cleanup crew so you may need to include this in your event team or find volunteers help you. If you will be serving food, you need to check if there’s a kitchen and if you need to pay an additional payment to access it. Most importantly, check that the venue has chairs, tables and linens.

Accessibility. When choosing a venue, you need to make sure that everyone including those with special needs can access not just the building but also the amenities. This means that you need to understand your attendees and their needs. You should be able to tell if children will be coming so that you take care of their needs appropriately.

Cost and flexibility. You need to be flexible on the event date when looking for a venue. This is because you could find that the venue is not open on the dates you’re looking to host your event but have other open dates that you can hold your event. When you’re flexible, you could book a different date for a discounted price.

Ambience. You need to pay attention to the existing décor. Check the architecture style and interior to see what it conveys. If the ambience doesn’t match the feeling you desire for your event, then you’ll have more decorating to do.

Layout. You need to have an idea of the activities that you will be including in your event and the amenities that you’ll require. Ask to see the floor plan taking note of important areas like the outlets and the flow of traffic as these will affect different aspects of the event.

Before signing up for event space inhire London, you must first identify your needs before taking time to look for a venue that will be a perfect match for your event. Remember, London is home to some of the unusual and exciting places so there is space for everyone. No matter the nature of your event, you can be sure to create a memorable experience that will leave your attendees looking forward to the next invitation from you.