First-timers planning to travel to London for the first time can face some uncertainty as London is a vast city. Therefore this can be one overwhelming task of planning to travel to London. You will certainly have so many questions running through your mind. Some questions may include; how do I get to my hotel? Where will I stay? And even where will you visit? Since transport is necessary, we will look at some of the best taxi service providers to get.

To have the best trip in London is first figuring out how you will be moving around.  You want to have the best time of your life and see London without wasting time and also without breaking the bank at all. Therefore we will highlight the cheap way to travel around London city and still have the best time.


The first thing you need to do before travelling to London is to book an airport transfer. Airport transfers are cabs or minicabs that will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. There are so many airport transfers available to choose from, like the Heathrow Airport Transfer Services.

You also need an International driving licence UK if you wish to drive in the United Kingdom.


If you want to have a great time, you need to pick a good location that you will be staying. One of the best places that you need to get your hotel booking is in central London. Hotels in central London can be so expensive, but that saves you transport money. If you go staying outside of central, it will result in spending more money and time commuting.


Once you are at your hotel, you need to have already planned the several areas you want to. The great thing about staying in central London is there are many public transport means. However,  I would suggest you avoiding these means as you won’t have much fun experience. If you use the Heathrow Taxis Airport Transfer, you will have a great driver to show you through the city.

 This taxi company has a great staff, and their drivers are well informed about the city traffic. Therefore, you can easily visit many places in a day rather than using public means. The good thing about Heathrow Taxis Airport Transfers is they are cheap and offer discounts. You will undoubtedly have a good time in London visiting several areas without spending so much budget.


After visiting all the areas, you wish to visit in London you can’t miss out on eating like the British. The British have various foodies that you need to try. For example, try the traditional Fish & Chips where so many locals eat. You can have the traditional afternoon tea, which is thought is a must for any person visiting London must do. The good thing is these meals only cost a fraction, which is fantastic.


It’s essential that you plan your trip and make sure you have an excellent airport transfer. Staying in central London offers you a cheap way to travel around London.


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