You can take many approaches to marketing that can potentially contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. This is true whether you are looking to market directly to customers or if you are in the B2B marketing game. One of the things that you will see time and time again, though, has to do with the fact that your marketing efforts should be as relatable as possible for your audience. This point is particularly poignant when it comes to business-to-business marketing.


Ultimately, relatability helps to create a connection between you and your audience. When a client can relate to the message you are conveying through your marketing efforts, they are more likely to feel comfortable selecting your company for the products or services that they need.


Here are four ways in which you can make your marketing efforts more relatable for your target audience.


1. Personas


When you are looking to market to a particular audience, especially in the scope of B2B marketing, it is important to create marketing personas. Doing so will help to increase the relatability of your marketing efforts. 


In order to build solid personas, you should look to develop a better idea about the characteristics and motivations of a segment of your target audience. Bear in mind that your personas shouldn’t look to encompass everyone within your demographic. Rather, each key segment of your audience that shares the same qualities should be given a persona.


2. Create a Simple Narrative


Another important aspect of creating relatable marketing content is to have a narrative. Not just any narrative will do, however. When your goal is relatability, then simplicity should be your aim in developing your narrative. Ultimately, you want your audience to be able to see themselves in the scenarios you propose. By being too intricate and overly detailed with such things, you risk alienating a key portion of your audience. Simplicity is the solution to this problem.


3. Be Personal


When you are running a company, it can be easy to hide behind your brand, and in many cases allowing your brand to speak for itself is a good strategy. However, when you are looking to create relatable marketing content, don’t be afraid to allow your personal story into the mix.


While you don’t want to create gloomy, depressing content that is all about your struggles and challenges, touching on such subjects in light of what you are looking to accomplish with your company can easily make your message more relatable. Other business owners know all too well the ups and downs of starting and running a business. Give them the chance to see their story in your own to make your marketing efforts more relatable.


4. Keep Things Relevant

One thing that can alienate your audience is when your message isn’t exactly relevant. Keeping things relevant in your marketing efforts comes down to understanding your audience and what things are relevant to them. Take your time to do the right type of market research so that you can create content that is relevant to your audience.


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