While sometimes you have to take a trial and test path to find the perfect pair of glasses for you, going with the latest trends is always a great idea to be the most fashionable in your group. The autumn season is right here, and you would surely be looking for some hot trends of the season to walk out of the quarantine in fashion.

So, here, in this article, we bring forward the top eight styles of the 2020 autumn season for one of the most intimate accessories in your attire- the glasses.

The latest trends in clothing, footwear and eyewear clearly reflect that the pandemic has highly influenced this year’s fashion. Brands are bringing styles that include patterns and fabrics that can help the wearer feel more covered and protected from the pandemic.

Talking about eyewear, the trends are gradually moving away from ‘90s tiny and sleek frames to big glasses. While a lot of styles like transparent frames and round glasses have made their way to autumn 2020, they have been modified to big and protective eyewear, making them more suitable for the pandemic.

Round glasses

Last season, round frames were more prevalent in chic thin-rimmed metals in colours like golden, silver and rose-gold. Though these subtle frames can still be seen filling most of the eyewear stores, more styles in round frames with thick acetate material are also making it to the stores. This year, simple round frames are getting more popular than ever.

Big frames

Big face-shielding spectacles have made a comeback and this time with some extra funk and fashion. The sleek metal rims are slowly being replaced by colossal plastic or acetate frames. The classic “grandad glasses” are not just back, but have paved the way for exciting amplifications to other styles like statement glasses and browline frames.

Cat-eye glasses

When all those oldies are coming back, why should the ’50s very glamorous cat-eyes be at rest? Cat-eye frames are every lady’s favourite. You can choose different colours and prints for different moods- be it naughty, young or glamorous. The long and pointy cat-eye glasses are best suited for inverted triangular face shape. These frames with a highlighted upper rim also work great for heart-shaped faces.

Geometrical rims

Geometric shapes like octagon, hexagon, rectangle, square are great ways to accentuate the various angles of your face or add angles to it if you have a round face. Whether you choose bold colours in frames to complement your confidence or go with sleek metal rims for modest office wear, you’ll always be in fashion.

Transparent frames

Transparent frames have been in trend for quite some time now. Most brands predict that transparent frames are going to be the top trend for this as well as the coming season, and why not? With a clear frame or a pastel tint, you can easily pair them with any outfit and look like an effortless fashion goddess. Other modifications like frames half opaque and half-transparent are another excellent accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Rectangular frames 

The major trends for sunglasses this year will be monochrome acetate frames in rectangular rims. In bold and dark colours, along with trendy prints like tortoiseshell, rectangular frames are perfect for both a novel and commercial appeal. While rectangular frames work best for round faces, blending them with other styles like rimless frames and statement glasses, makes them a perfect piece of accessory.

Metal rims

There can never be a more chic and classy eyewear style than thin metallic rims. Whether it be an office meeting or a high-end party, pairing a pair of metal-rimmed spectacles with a basic outfit can give you a rich look. With additions of other styles like aviators and geometric shapes, metal frames have made their space in the eyewear for a very long time.

Rimless glasses

Another great trend that is making its way to the 2020 autumn lookbook is of rimless frames. Spectacles with a thin metallic bridge running long enough between the two hinges and frames along with statement temples are the two classy modifications to this style. Finding the perfect pair of glasses for your mood, outfit, and personality has never been easier.







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