Many people mistakenly believe that fruit machines and slots are the same. The two types of games do function similarly, so it’s no wonder many believe this. However, there are still noticeable differences you should know about.


With that in mind, we wanted to give you the five most important differences between slots and fruities, so you’ll know exactly how these two differ, but before we start talking about that, have you ever wanted to get 50 Free Spins Starburst No Deposit I will seriously check it out, Alright Let’s begin!

1. The Symbols Are Completely Different

To understand the differences in the symbols, you should first understand the difference between classic slots and video slots. Classic slows dominated all land-based casinos until the middle 1970s, and they were as simple as today’s fruit machines. After that, video slots took the scene, and they were noticeably different with their unique mechanical reels, various symbols, and more straightforward betting options.


Today’s slot machines are pretty much the same as the first video slots, while fruit slots are just modern offshoots of classic slots from the past. Naturally, fruit slots primarily have fruits as symbols, while slot machines have all sorts of symbols. On top of that, fruit slots pay homage to those long-gone eras by keeping the simple graphic designs for symbols, making them noticeably different from the more modern graphics used in slot machines.

2. The Features Are More Varied in Slots Than Fruit Machines

Features are an important aspect of all games of chance today, and everyone in the industry is constantly trying to make something new to attract and excite players. For that reason, many slot machines today have second-screen bonuses and mini-games, expanding reels, multipliers, megaways, and a lot more.


Players want all this, which is why fruit machines aren’t devoid of features, even though they tend to have fewer of them. They usually have things like the Hold and Nudge options. The Hold option lets you keep a reel in place while you spin the others, while the Nudge option enables you to move a reel up or down and switch positions with another reel.


Naturally, these features can exist on slot machines, but they are primarily found in fruities. That’s why most players associate the Nudge and Hold option with fruit machines today. Additionally, these options are essential differentiators, as they introduce skill as a factor in these entirely luck-based games. So, we can effectively say that most slot machines are completely luck-based, while many fruit machines have an added element of skill on top of the randomness that dominates both machines.

3. The Complexity of the Gameplay Is Very Different

Most would think that the complexity couldn’t possibly be the differentiating factor between these two, but it certainly is. Now, it’s true that both fruit machines and slots feature extremely simple gameplays. All you need to do is insert the money, select the bet size, and start spinning the reels, while the machines do the rest.


All of this is true, and the process is the same on both machines, but fruit machines are even simpler than this. On average, they offer minimal gameplay options, and your bet amount is usually limited to 0.25 coins per spin.


On the other hand, slot machines have a much wider betting range with a dozen or more options. They also feature options like autoplay and turbo spin. It’s still very simple, and everyone can learn all of it in a minute, but it’s still noticeably different than what you get in fruit machines.

4. Slots Are Found Everywhere, While Fruit Machines Aren’t

Slots are more popular today, as most players love to play them. However, fruit machines are adored mainly by older generations who have had more experience with classic slots. For this reason, slot machines are found almost everywhere, while fruit machines are harder to find.


What’s more, due to the before-mentioned options that introduce skills into fruit machines, they might not be available everywhere because of the local laws. For example, in many countries, gambling laws are stringent and quite specific, so it can easily happen that fruit machines are not categorized in the same way as slot machines due to these skill-based elements.


All of this is not always the case, but one can still argue that the slots are more common than fruit machines in general.

5. Fruit Machines Typically Offer Lower Payouts Than Slots

On average, since fruit machines have fewer features, they also have lower payouts. That’s because many features in slot machines allow them to have some massive payouts, including five to seven-figure prizes!


Fruit machines rarely offer such massive prizes, and they stick to the biggest prizes being from 2,000 times to 10,000 your initial stake. As each bet is limited, you cannot receive such a large prize as you can in slot machines.


Naturally, this doesn’t make fruit machines worse, as these massive prizes are still quite rare. In most cases, the payouts will be quite similar between the two, so you can enjoy both machines equally.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, slot machines and fruit machines can be two very distinct types of games when you consider all these differences. As time passes, we could see a change in this regard, but we are certain that all the changes will be quite interesting.


Both slots and fruit machines have their own charms, and which one you end up playing should largely depend on your personal preferences. However, we believe that you will have the most fun if you end up playing both, precisely because each has its own charms that are bound to interest most players. Whatever you end up doing, remember that the key is to have fun!


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