Online marketing activities are definitely a must if you want your website to be visible on the internet and recognized by potential customers. While getting to the top of the search engine results list, first you need to hire a specialist who knows how to do it right. There are some universal criteria that might help you make the right decision. Choosing the best SEO agency may be quite challenging but is surely worth a while.

  1. Word of mouth instead of Google search

Yes, we tend to scroll Google in search of nearly everything, but trusting it while choosing the most suitable SEO agency can be quite tricky. It’s better to ask your friends or colleagues if they maybe used these kind of services lately or know any company recommended on the market. It’s usually safer to base on verified services than to trust a new, totally unknown company. You can also check the opinions on Google, other popular websites, or the reviews section on Facebook. Maybe previous clients left some valuable insights about the details of the collaboration.

  1. Communication and trust

Before you decide on choosing the best SEO consultancy, set up appointments with some of the most promising ones, meet them face to face (even online counts!), and ask them some valid questions. If they find the situation convenient, don’t avoid answering your concerns, are ready to explain everything you need, respect your time, and send you a comprehensive and exhaustive offer, you’ll probably be able to communicate with them well throughout the whole search engine optimization process and trust in their expertise.

  1. Ask for successes, references, and proven results


You can’t really believe every word a SEO agency says. You ought to be suspicious if they start to promise you some unbelievable results in a short period of time because they probably don’t know what they’re talking about or they are doing the whole search engine optimization wrong. Ask for the names of their previous clients, maybe even from the same business sector as yours, and the results of their collaboration. Did the numbers go up? They should at least show you some data driven from Google Analytics. Maybe they have some written references, too. Generally, it’s best to do a little research before you decide on hiring a company for usually not so small amount of money.

  1. White-hat practices

The world of SEO can be quite cruel and definitely not easy as pie. Some of the companies like work “legally” while upgrading your website and optimizing it thoroughly to provide your potential customers with the best possible solutions and give them exactly what they need. Others try to do the SEO for quick results and take the easy way out risking your company’s good name and a website’s position in Google. Before you choose an agency, get the information about what kind of methods they practice. If anything sounds strange and suspicious, run!

  1. Whole package

If you’re looking for comprehensive marketing solutions, find out if a SEO company you’re thinking of is able to provide you with all the services you need. Will it prepare your website’s audit or do your Google Ads paid search campaign? It’s probably more convenient to have these services done by one team.


Good luck!


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