Any artist would look forward to having his composition streaming online. While there are some popular music platforms on social media that music artists can use, Spotify is one medium where your music can be extremely well received by the audience. This medium allows your content to be streamed worldwide. Definitely music artists are helped in no uncertain ways.

It does not end here with uploading only one video. It also gives the artist to create a playlist that allows followers and fans to discover many more tunes thanks to the powerful Spotify algorithm.  To get your music career take off, there are many things an artist can do to increase his viewers and subscribers. Many artists buy Spotify followers to gain initial traction to their account.

Music artists are using Spotify because it is the leader in the music streaming platform.  There are many other competitors including YouTube premiums but Spotify has more than a third market share and a whopping 100+ million viewers including more than 80 % of paid subscribers.

Here are 5 reasons why artists use Spotify for taking maximum advantage.

Gain subscribers

Your songs can gain traction depending on how you promote yourself.  Quality is essential because there are certain limitations to the algorithms. At best they can provide a few hundred viewers.  But this can only be temporary as the viewership will dwindle if the content quality is not up to the mark.

Your Spotify account needs certification

Getting the sought-after blue tick on your profile on Spotify is what every artist aspires for. This helps your verified account to access all types of statistics, promotional tools, and customization options for your profile. One will be able to see the fans and audience profile and the number of times your music has been listened to.

Create a detailed profile

After the profile verification is done, one can profile and upload your profile photo, add photos to the gallery, and make a profile banner. You can also create your own music biography of not more than 1500 words and tell your audience who you are and what are your personality traits to your fans and viewers.

Use Spotify data analytics

Using this Spotify tool will help an artist to analyze their music performance. Identifying the audience profile, their locations, which tracks have been listening to the maximum helps the artist to plan his next album accordingly and identify the areas for digital marketing where the maximum response can be expected. This data also helps in identifying underrepresented areas and where one can broaden their audience base. Another important benchmark is that your songs must be more than 30 seconds to be counted in the data.  This feature helps you to check if your music is interesting and catchy enough to sustain over more than 30 seconds. Remember, the audience’s attention span is very low and they easily switch to another track. 

Use Spotify for marketing

Creating new fans and subscribers is the goal of any music artist. The revenue earned from each track is dependent on how many new fans you create regularly. Therefore, it is important to take the marketing tool to help and promote your content and make a name for yourself. One can also take the services of reliable websites like Jaynike for getting real viewers.


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