Have you ever wondered how Instagram influencers create so many professional-looking photos? There’s only one answer to that: Lightroom presets.


Presets for photo editing allow you to edit your pictures like never before. You don’t even need a DSLR for stunning photos anymore (obviously, it doesn’t hurt). However, even if you just take your pictures with your phone, you can create beautiful photos for your Instagram account. 

What are Instagram presets? 

Instagram presets are also called Lightroom presets for a reason. In order to use them, you will need to download the Lightroom app. The mobile version of the app is mainly free with a couple of paid features. However, you can most definitely use the mobile app without spending a dime.  


Lightroom is the preferred program for photography editors. This app has been specifically created for photo editing purposes. The mobile version of the app stands out from the crowd because you can edit your pictures on the go. Speaking of which, Instagram presets help you do just that.


Got only a few minutes? No worries. All you need is to upload the wanted image to your app and apply the presets. Immediately, without any further changes, you can then export your photo to Instagram. 

How Do Instagram Presets Work? 

Once you get a professional preset, you will see all the changes that it makes. There’s full transparency on what the preset does. That being said, you won’t really need to know all the settings because you will get the wanted result anyways. 


But for those of you, who are curious on how the photo editing works, you will be able to see it with your own eyes. 

This is how the presets work:

Step 1: Professional photographer creates a preset by choosing the various settings for you.

Step 2: He or she creates multiple presets for the same pack so that you could choose between them if your photos are lighter or darker.

Step 3: You buy a preset, upload it to Lightroom and apply it to your photos.

How to make the most out of your presets for photos? 

Phone cameras are becoming more and more powerful. However, it’s always useful to know a couple of basic photography tricks in order to make the most out of your pictures. 


Presets for photo iterate the colors of your pictures. However, being mindful of them can most definitely improve your picture quality. 


Let’s say you love the preset that has orange and teal tones. You apply the preset and you don’t see the effect that you wanted. Yes, it’s changed. But where’s my teal color? 


If your original picture didn’t have the sky or water or even jeans, how can the preset iterate those colors? If blue tones don’t exist in the picture, then the preset can’t really change them. 


Presets don’t add colors to your photos that don’t exist. They simply change the ones that you already have. For example, many presets will desature the yellow tones because that usually makes your photos look better. 


If your picture is blown out or too dark, your presets won’t be able to work their magic. Sure, you will still get an edited picture. However, the results will be a lot better if you simply take care of your lighting.

How can you do that? 

Get a light source. It doesn’t have to be a flash, you could simply have a bigger lamp when you are taking pictures at home.


Get a reflector. This is probably one of the cheapest options that will help you out both at home and outside. Just by placing the reflector in front of yourself or a model, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted shadows under your eyes. 


Take pictures during golden hours. Just before the sunset, there is this beautiful light that makes the whole difference. You may not be able to take pictures during that time every day. But it’s still worth a try. 


Taking pictures from different angles is one of the biggest secrets for professional photographers. That’s why if you ever see how a professional photographer works like, you will notice that they lay down on the ground, shoot from above and move around a bunch.


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