While traditionally all eyes are on the bride, it’s just as much of a special day for the groom. Finally, grooms are starting to steal a sliver of the spotlight for themselves by adding some flair to their fashion. Grooms want to look good for their wedding day photos too, and we’ve got some trendy wedding fashion options for men to talk about today. 

It’s Time To Talk About Men’s Wedding Fashion 

Men often stick to classic black tuxes or formal suits in black or grey because they are traditional and simple. It’s hard to mess up men’s formal wear when you stick to the old ways. What man doesn’t look stunning in a black tuxedo? Fear of looking out of step on their wedding day though has been holding men back from inserting their personal style into the festivities. Modern grooms are differentiating themselves with colored suits, statement ties, patterned socks, and other unique upgrades. 

Now, more than ever, as two people enter a marriage they are committed to supporting each other as individuals. Let that start with the wedding day attire. Have both the bride and the groom in on the style decision making. Have elements from the bride’s attire or wedding theme tie into the groom’s outfit. Let the man of the hour infuse some of his personality into the clothes he wears. 

Tips For A Groom Glow Up On His Wedding Day 

Groom Wedding Day Hair Care

A typical men’s haircut actually looks best a few days to a week after getting cut. So plan your last trim in that timeframe. You can use a little product like texture cream, gel, or hairspray to keep stray hairs in place. While you’re at it, you might want a professional to take a look at those manly brows when you get your trim. There’s no shame in getting a little brow trimming done. 

Groom Wedding Day Skincare

Starting up to 6 months before the wedding day, grooms should start taking extra special care of their skin. This can include washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and daily sunscreen. Plain old water will also do wonders for your skin, helping it look younger and brighter. Men’s attitudes toward grooming and skincare have taken a turn for the better in recent years, according to this Forbes article.  

As for your facial hair, book a hot towel and straight razor shave for all the men in the wedding party on the morning of the big day. If you prefer stubble, make sure to test when your stubble looks best, is it 3 days after a shave, or 5? You don’t want to be trying to figure that out the week of the wedding. For anyone with a beard, get that baby oiled and trimmed. 

Trendy Suit Choices For The Groom

Today’s groom has so many choices to stand out in their suit, from casual, to ultra-formal, to just plain snazzy. The groom can stand out from the rest of the men in the wedding party with a different or elevated suit style, a chance of color, or an added pattern. Here are some hot trends for 2020 and beyond that men are enjoying at the altar:

Brocade – brocade is a decorative silk weaving style that adds a subtle print to the fabric of the suit. 

Colors – try a dark or navy blue suit, also shades of pink are really in for 2020. 

Checks and Stripes – Checkered suits are back, as well as gangster style pinstripes. 

Go Floral – adding floral touches is all the rage for men’s wedding attire.

Velvet Blazers – an oldie makes a comeback, especially when paired with a contrasting black lapel. Perfect for fall and winter weddings. 

Outfit Changes – Reception outfit changes aren’t just for the ladies anymore, men are getting in on this action with a second more casual suit for dancing. 

Ties, Cufflinks, And Socks

Another way to have fun with the groom’s outfit is to accessorize with personality. You can add color with ties, bowties, and pocket squares. Go bold with color or patterns if you’d like. Cufflinks are a great way to add some extra class or a little humor. Why not have a golden pair of dice for gamblers, some silver guitars for rockers, or even some nerdy StarTrek apparel? Let the groom be himself on his wedding day and celebrate who he is and the things he loves. 

That leaves socks. Socks are an important and often overlooked wedding day necessity that doesn’t have to remain basic. Bring the socks into the limelight with custom gift sets for the men in your wedding party. Fun, colorful, patterned socks with customs labels make fantastic gifts. Some companies, like No Cold Feet, offer customizable packages of groomsmen socks that can be personalized for members of a wedding party.

More Ways To Celebrate The Groom 

Looking for a few more last-minute ways to make the wedding day special for the groom through his outfits or gifts? Here are a few more tips you might enjoy:

  • Use a signature scent. Pay attention to what you want to smell like on your wedding day. A bottle of nice men’s fragrance would make a great groom’s gift from the bride.
  • Get your smile beaming, indulge in some teeth whitening because you’ll be flashing the pearly whites for the camera all day and night. 
  • Your hands might get photographed next to the brides to show off the wedding rings to make sure to take proper care of your nails, including a manicure if needed. 
  • Consider a Bro-dal shower for the groom. Wedding gifts aren’t just for the ladies anymore, according to the New York Times.

Don’t forget about the groom’s style on wedding day. Make sure to follow some of these tips to make the man of the hour stand out. You’ll have a smiling groom, great wedding photos, and a magical day to remember.


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