Traveling to Birmingham is generally budget-friendly. However, you can still find ways to bump up your savings when visiting Birmingham.

Let us offer some tips on how you can save more money when you go to that Birmingham trip you’ve been planning. Read on!

Getting There: Train Tickets

To get to Birmingham, you need to take a 90-minute train ride from London. And there’s a lot of fast-lane competition here.

The three biggest train companies competing in this space are:

  • London Midland (operating from London Euston)
  • Virgin Trains (operating from London Euston, too)
  • Chiltern Railways (operating from London Marylebone)

Compare ticket prices from these lines. Here’s a hack: advanced purchases at non-peak hours are the cheapest.

Once There: Hire Cars or Cycle Around

Once you get to Birmingham, getting around will be easy.

You can easily find cheap car hire at Birmingham airport, and from there, you can get around the city using your rented car.

Or you can walk. Birmingham is known for its highly walkable areas and surroundings. You can also rent a bike and pedal your way to experiencing this wonderful city.

All these options are very cheap and budget-friendly, so take your pick.

Experience Free Culture

While there are many paid venues you must visit, Birmingham also doesn’t lack excellent free cultural venues.

Experience a great trip AND save money by visiting the following:

  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Chamberlain Square)
  • Weoley Castle (Alwold Road)
  • Aston Hall (Trinity Road, Aston)
  • Blakesley Hall (Blakesley Road, Yardley)

Aside from these, Birmingham has many other museums and art galleries. Check them out too.

Find these Cheap Accommodations

You will find plenty of cheap flats to rent in Birmingham so traveling on a budget won’t be a problem.

The central area has a lot of nicely priced hotels. Be sure to check out the following:

  • Hampton (Birmingham Broad Street)
  • Premier Inn (Birmingham New Street)
  • Hatters Hostel Birmingham

Also, Airbnb is widely available in the city, which is more than enough good news if you’re looking for great accommodation.

Save Money, but Eat More

The food in Birmingham is something you won’t want to miss. And while you certainly want to taste the delectable offerings, you also don’t want to go beyond your budget.

Pro tip: don’t eat in squares, or those crowded, touristy areas.

If you do, you’ll find yourself thinking the food is a bit overpriced, which is normal because of the increased tourism in such areas.

Instead, search for authentic local restaurants along the side streets. The meals are as delicious, but the prices aren’t as expensive.

Have a Budget

And last but not least, make sure you have a budget that’s easy to follow and realistic. The key to having a great trip on a budget is to know what and where you will spend your money on.

Set a daily allowance for food, day trips, and shopping. You may even end up with excess money, which you can use to fund your next trip.

Are you getting ready for your Birmingham trip? We hope you enjoy it. Have fun!


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