Adaptation of Interactive Bets for Mobile Devices


In the year 2020, when is accessible from any smartphone, mobile gambling seems to be everywhere. Undoubtedly, mobile betting is a significant part of the modern gambling industry, but things haven’t always been like this. Older gamblers remember physical sports bars, which you needed to visit if you wanted to make a wager. There was no internet all around, so the only way to watch live streams of events was a TV broadcast. But when did the situation start to change? Let’s find out!

What is Interactive Betting?

Before discussing the evolution of mobile gambling, it’s important to understand what interactive bets actually are. Interactive betting refers to all gambling activities that involve using web platforms for wagering real money. In fact, any time you bet any amount of funds online, you participate in interactive betting. Therefore, mobile gambling is a part of interactive gambling which includes only wagers made using smartphones or tablets. Mobile gambling clearly makes up a significant percentage of modern interactive betting since the majority of punters use their phones to play. However, mobile betting wasn’t so widespread until recent years. 

History of Mobile Gambling

In 1994, when Parimatch was founded, the majority of people have never heard of the Internet, and mobile phones were widespread only among the rich and famous. Even in 2002, when the first Parimatch website was launched, mobile phones were mostly incapable of accessing the Internet. The first-ever mobile casino software was introduced in 2004, and, unsurprisingly, didn’t attract many players. 3G networks, which were the cutting-edge data transfer technology back at the time, weren’t spread widely enough to guarantee a constant flow of customers to a mobile website. 

The situation began changing in the late 2000s and early 2010s when popular smartphones received large screens and more powerful CPUs. Playing on a 3.5-inches touchscreen was much more convenient than using a physical keyboard of earlier devices. In addition, 3G became more affordable with time, so more people gained access to a 24/7 Internet connection. The mid-2010s saw widespread use of 4G LTE networks, which remain the most popular standard up to this day. Further enlarging of smartphones’ screens and implementation of standardized programming languages for IOS and Android allowed developers to create the first modern-looking mobile gambling sites. 

Technologies Behind Mobile Gambling

Several essential technologies allowed adapting interactive gambling for mobile platforms: 

  • Mobile operating systems. IOS and Android laid the foundation of the modern mobile gambling industry. These mobile OSs are installed on 99% of smartphones and tablets in the world, which allows their users to access similar services. Developers can create standardized applications and websites to work perfectly on both systems. IOS and Android provide users with convenient access to mobile gambling, while programmers receive incredibly powerful instruments for creating web games. 
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. These technologies are fundamental to the modern Internet. HTML defines the structure of each page; CSS allows creating any design you can imagine, while JavaScript is responsible for making sites interactive. Altogether, these programming languages are at the basis of every betting site around. 
  • 4G LTE. It allows your device to transfer significant amounts of data within moments, connecting you to billions of other players worldwide. And, of course, 4G connects you to a casino’s server and your favorite payment platform at any given time. 

Adapting gambling sites to mobile devices would be impossible without the above-mentioned technologies. They form a unique environment, which is incredibly stable, safe, and reliable. At the same time, it has been constantly improving to make your betting experience closer to perfection. 


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