If you have ever experienced stress related to your sexual life, there can be many reasons for that. One of them, which is quite common in men, throughout the globe, is premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders that men experience, and almost one-third of the men population become victims of such frustrating dysfunction. 

In this disorder, men ejaculate way too earlier than they would like. If we go by book definition of this disorder, then the ejaculation is achieved within a minute into the intercourse. 

This is not a one or two time occurrence, the disorder is only diagnosed when there have been recurrent episodes for about six months. 

The disorder causes extreme disturbance in the affectee’s life as well as in the partner’s life.

In most cases, entire relationships get jeopardized, and if not that, then their daily life becomes distressing. 

There can be many reasons for this to happen, from biological to psychological. 

Which is why an elective approach is typically used to treat this disorder. This means that therapy, as well as medicines, are usually used together as a line of defense against it. 

You can get help with Premature ejaculation here at Numan, an online clinic that has been built especially for men. 

The most common reaction of men to this problem is either becoming more anxious or avoiding any sexual activity altogether. 

But this can result in more stress and more anxiety, hence this vicious cycle will go on. 

So, before it gets out of control, you can try some natural ways to curb its occurrence. 

The very first thing that you can do is bring some dietary changes into your life. This can include all those foods that are rich in magnesium and zinc, such as spinach, soybeans, oysters, yogurt, pumpkins seeds, garlic, almonds, peas, chickpeas, beef, lamb, dark chocolate, etc.

Another technique that you can use is pause and squeeze. It involves your partner grasping the head of your penis to the point where it is completely squeezed. Within a few seconds, you will experience that the climax is dwindling away and you will no longer feel any need of ejaculating immediately. 

The third technique that can be used in a very dire need, is the stop-start method. This technique is a cyclic process that involves stopping all your sexual activity once you have reached orgasm. Then initiating the arousal again when you are no longer aroused. Doing this again and again can give you control over your early ejaculation. 

The role of pelvic muscles in getting the climax is really crucial. They are not only responsible for arousal but they are also responsible for how the climax ends. So, certain exercises help in controlling these muscles, thereby controlling ejaculatory reflex. 

Condoms also work well in such cases as they can reduce sensitivity which results in delayed arousal. 

And lastly, you can shift your focus to other sexual activities for a while so that the pressure that has been built out of frustration, lifts off.


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