Viewing your Instagram feed with more number of likes and comments will surely draw a perfect smile on your face, regardless of whether it’s your personal or business post. Given that social media platforms play a prominent role in boosting businesses, entrepreneurs are highly reliant on Instagram where they bring out the best versions of their services or products in the name of images.

Yep, a photograph having a potential to speak a thousand words, raises the business and help it see the light of the day through social media channels. But, truth said, without a great free photo editor, a photograph seldom finds grounds to define its purpose. Watch out for the definite steps to create a killer Instagram post.

Giving importance to the power of carousels

Unless you give importance to the power of carousels, you might not present the best of you at designing a killer Instagram post. A whole lot of debates have happened so far, with half the number of Instagram users finding significant grounds with the use of carousels images, and others simply going old-school. The prior strength of users obviously wins the bet, given that this type of images has garnered immense popularity on Instagram.

Filters and collages speak half the story

You might be eagerly finding ways to build a cohesive aspect of the post. Don’t get surprised to know that you can create one such post only by using the right themes and filters. Sure that the boomerang effect or vintage filter might give you promising grounds on building a killer post on Instagram. But, you should also stress more on using a reliable collage maker to present a story with your photo.

Messages are meant to be played with words

Ever wondered how business leads can present an Instagram post with a message spiking people’s interest? Yep, it’s because they know the right way to play with words. Plus, it would be better if you can incorporate details on DIYs, events, giveaways, contests, and more. These representations are signs of appreciations from brands. Article to check out: 10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers That are Real & Active

There should be a limit to your caption length

The next step is to limit your caption length. They say that a perfect Instagram caption is the one that comes under ten words. So, now you know how the good choice of words is pretty much significant for describing the post within a ten-word limit? It also increases the engagement rate.

How about emojis?

Emojis are a recent creation that enhances social media engagement. The next step to creating a spectacular post is by including emojis. Remember one strategy – the more, the merrier!

Right use of hashtags

When it’s about Instagram feeds, there’s no denying the significance of hashtags. But remember, hashtags are supposed to be used like keyword. The only rule you need to maintain is using them in a small number. So, the fewer, the merrier!

Questions are no longer engaging

Gone are the days when questions used to be the encouragement for audience to answer. In fact, it’s better not to ask question.

All the things you do to increase likes and comments on your Instagram feed, don’t forget to portray it in an extreme friendly manner! And, th


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