A holistic view of the system is necessary for the modernization of the “heating.” The boiler generates heat. Two circuits supply rooms with heating and hot water. Depending on the system, there are different radiators to choose from.The hydraulic balancing ensures optimal operation of the heating system, which a solar thermal system can additionally support.


Inspection & repair of heating systems

Even if the chimney sweep regularly takes measurements, this does not replace proper heating repairs. Because the chimney sweep only ensures that the heating system complies with the emission values ​​- it does not assess whether the system works optimally. Here you will find further information on the repair of your heating system and specialist companies in your region.

Heating repair ensures safety and efficiency when heating

As part of a professional inspection, it is often found that a lot of savings potential is lost in heating systems: for example, combustion residues occur on heat exchangers or within the combustion chamber during heating operation.

So you need more energy to provide a certain amount of heat. In essence, the efficiency of the heating decreases continuously over the operating life, and additional costs of five or more percent are not uncommon.

Regular cleaning and optimization of the components maintain the safety of the system and ensure long-term operation with the best efficiency. In this way, you save heating costs and avoid more difficult repair cases, because with regular heating repair problems can be noticed in the beginning and can then be remedied relatively inexpensively.

Heating repair procedure

When the specialist visits, inspection, and visual inspection of all system components take place. Many errors can already be detected with the eye. This is followed by precise checks of the control system, the burner, the heating circuit, the storage tanks, the circulation pump, and wearing parts such as nozzles and filter inserts for material defects, contamination, or inaccurate settings.

If the inspection detects errors, heating repair begins: wear parts are replaced, components are cleaned of dirt, and the control, burner, and pump output are readjusted if necessary. Of course, smaller tasks such as refilling heating water are also carried out.

A repair contract makes repair at fixed intervals easier

Single heating repair with all work can cost is not so expensive. However, many specialist companies are happy to offer you long-term repair contracts. The specialist then arrives at fixed intervals and carries out all work as required. Such a deal often lowers the prices for inspection and repair significantly, and you don’t forget if you should have an investigation carried out again. The heating should be inspected annually, while further repair work can be carried out at larger intervals or as required.

With a free inquiry to the heating repairer, you can quickly, and without obligation, contact qualified Winnipeg heating repairs from your region. Here you will find specialists  for heating technology who will be happy to advise you on all aspects of heating repair.


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