What do you get when combining your enjoyment of casino games with social media? A boosted entertainment experience without any financial risk. This new casino experience is bringing a whole new twist to the online gambling world.


In the online gambling world, social casinos fall into a particular category. With a change in focus from winning more money, to climbing levels, players can enjoy the game. With it’s growing popularity, many real money online casinos are introducing social sections. 


What Is a Social Casino?

Also known as “free-play” casinos, they are accessible with your mobile device or some social media profiles. Whether you prefer to play online or download the app, you can access your casino account using your desktop computer or mobile device. 


The social aspect is boosted by some games featuring Facebook connect. This will allow you to connect with Facebook friends, via the game, to challenge them. You’ll also be able to send gifts to one another, which grants the receiver bonus chips or a power-up of some kind, depending on the game.


Some of the typical games available include video poker, keno, blackjack, slots, and bingo, but what makes it so unique?

1. The Games

As mentioned previously, social casinos have most of the usual casino games on board. Players can enjoy some of the top-rated, action-packed titles from reputable providers.


2. Free Credit

The most significant part of a “free-to-play” casino is that it remains free. The idea is for players to have a bountiful supply of free credit to enjoy the games. 


A daily or hourly bonus awards players with additional coins, while a loyalty reward is an opportunity to win other prizes. There are many ways that social casinos reward their players for merely holding an account.


3. Social Aspect

What makes it a social casino is the ability to invite friends to play too. Many casinos even reward players for having friends. It is now also possible to send gifts and credits to each other.


Characteristics of a Good Social Casino?

The list below shows some traits to look out for when shopping around for the best online casino UK.

  • Reputable software developers are supplying the games.
  • The casino is appropriately licensed to operate as a social casino. It’s also licensed to provide real money games.
  • The customer service team is knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated, and proactive about providing the best service possible.
  • Is there any successful association with a land-based casino? 
  • Is there is a signup bonus or loyalty program in place?


Social Casinos vs Real Money Casinos

Are social casinos or real money casinos best? There is no definitive answer to this question. The only way to make this decision is to study some in-depth comparisons. The table below briefly covers the difference between the two.


Social Casino

Real Money Casino

Play games for free Paid gameplay 
Regular bonuses Sign up bonuses, deposit offers, and loyalty programs
Great way to test games, especially if you’re new to gambling Thousands of game titles, including exclusive games of higher quality
Any big wins give bragging rights Wins give bragging rights AND real money
Personal profiles allow you to play with friends Players can withdraw any money paid into their account at a later stage
Send and receive gifts Potentially great financial risk


The Popularity of Social Casinos

Tech gurus like Jordan Carry, with his experience in internet marketing, understand the significant contributions from social media. The individual growth of gambling games online and social media are intrinsically linked. 



Free casino gambling gives you the feel-good moments of casino gambling without any fiscal risk. The game developers, on the other hand, can generate revenue through advertisements and microtransactions, which allow players to buy additional chips and in-game items. All parties involved in social games online benefits.