In recent years, brands and businesses have spent a lot of money and put a lot of effort into developing their Facebook community. However, they often realize that engagement in their posts decreases drastically over the months, while this is not the case on Instagram.

So how can you not lose all the benefits of recruiting fans to your Facebook page and encourage them to become followers to your Instagram account?  Check out: 9 Best Facebook Promotion Services (Legit Websites)

In this article, we give you a concrete method to make this transition smoothly, while making sure to bring real added value to current members of your community.


Use advanced connections when targeting advertising

Facebook makes it easy for you by having targeting functionality to reach only fans of your page. To access this option, simply go to the targeting configuration screen of the potential audience targeted by the campaign, and look for the “Connections” section. You will then be offered the right option in the list, namely “People who like your page.”

Leverage the potential of personalized audiences

Targeting fans is one thing, but most of the potential fans also sink without actually being counted as your number of page followers.

Facebook & Instagram keep up to 365 days of interaction data on your posts, which then allows you to use them during the implementation of advertising campaigns.

Persons who have carried out the following actions will be counted:

  • Facebook page visits
  • likes, comments, shares
  • clicks on links
  • private messages

Here, what is potentially interesting is that you will not necessarily seek to target fans of your page but people gravitating around your community.

The users may very well not like your Facebook page but could become Instagram followers if your content is convincing enough or can get from activeig 2020 tool.

Facebook page interaction data is at the level of personalized audiences. Go to your Business Manager and then to the “Audiences” tool to create a corresponding audience. Now, click on the blue button “Create an audience” then “Personalized audiences,” click on “Facebook page.”

You will then be required to choose from multiple options for creating the audience, with a determined data collection period.

Once selected, this audience can be used as you wish on the targeting configuration screen of your advertising campaigns.

Use good advertising placements

Whether you have chosen to target the fans of your page or the personalized audiences corresponding to the interactions carried out on your Facebook page, an essential step should not be overlooked. All you need to choose the right advertising placement. Alternatively, you can go for buying followers on Instagram too, for the initial boost but remember doing all other good things too, along with buying followers

Indeed, by default, Facebook will display your advertising on a myriad of advertising placements ranging from the news feed to the right column, Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network, and the suggested videos.

It is, therefore, essential to ensure that your advertising is only displayed on Instagram. 

Propose a differentiated content strategy

Why would your fans be inclined to follow to you on Instagram when they are already fans on Facebook? A major reason could be the fact that they no longer see you because of the algorithm, but especially because they observe different content that they do not find anywhere else.

So how do you differentiate your content strategy between Facebook & Instagram? Here are some tips:

  • Backstage and inspiration in classic Instagram posts
  • Promote the snapshot, the return on events in Instagram Stories
  • Foster traffic generation to the company’s website on Facebook

How to give traffic to your website through Instagram

Instagram has been the best social media for people to do business and get recognized. But some people already have a business and want to generate the audience to their business website. Rumors have it that Instagram does not generate traffic to your website. And that my friend is a fake rumor. Instagram does allow you to engage with your followers and like your photos and videos but also it allows you to drag this traffic to your sales website. Now how to do it, it’s easy not so complicated you will need to follow some rules that are mentioned in our article.

Instagram stories

Not at the start but Instagram now has a remarkable feature of posting your stories. You also get to see who viewed your stories. If you have a lot of followers this is the best way to generate the traffic by uploading stories that mention to click on the link of your website, be creative don’t just go with a dull and boring story post. Compel them to swipe up and click on your web link. 

Direct message

Whenever there is nothing to post, you usually go to your DMS. It’s the best way to generate traffic. Ask your followers to DM you for any query, while the message you and you solve their problem this is the best time to give them your website link. This way they will be confident enough to visit it because you have already shown them the nice gesture. You will also get a lot of likes on your photos and videos

Optimize your website

Instagram has always been a mobile application. And who uses laptops while signing into their social media accounts. Nobody! It is necessary to optimize your website with mobile application support. Who would want to be the one with 10 k followers and people leave their website just because their mobiles don’t support it? That’s a bad user interface. And nobody encourages it. it can be a big loss to your business. Check your website for any inconvenience.  

Adding Website link in bio

It’s the easiest and common way to generate your traffic. Your user name and bio comes first to the viewer’s eyes. They will want to know more about the person they are searching for. Add links in your bio with a little bit of attention like click here for more information about my brand etc. not only can you add links in your bio but adding links on IGTV is the new trend. Video graphics as always been the best way to interact with the audience.  

Be creative and consistent

It’s good that you follow all the strategies but the point is how you are implementing them. Make sure to sue the right captions to drag them and compel them to click on your link. Use gifs for humor or attractive pictures to swipe up for the website link. Most of all, be consistent with what you are doing. It’s not just one day show. You have to be in the game to win it. 


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