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Coronavirus – Is It So Dangerous?

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, which started in China and spread further into the world, we often ask ourselves the question of how dangerous is this situation we are all currently in? However, for this question to be answered, we must pay attention to the many other issues it brings. What are the symptoms, how does it spread, and how do we stop the pandemic.

 It is necessary to take all precautions, due to the stealthy nature of the coronavirus. The symptoms of the virus may appear in two days or approximately two weeks, and even though the symptoms have not come to the surface yet, the virus is transmittable. “It’s clear that asymptomatic infection surely can fuel a pandemic like this in a way that’s going to make it very difficult to control,” Michael Osterholm explains. If it comes to a peak, the infection includes fevers, coughing, and respiratory problems. Otherwise, milder cases have a flue-like resemblance. It is transmitted through droplets, and it is not yet confirmed how long it survives on the surface.

Knowing this, we come down to the question, how do we protect ourselves, and is it necessary for quarantines for the virus to be contained and eventually stopped? It is essential for us to wash our hands regularly on a daily basis and basically follow the same precaution routine, just like for flue seasons. We must respect each other and stay away in cases of sneezing and coughing. For the virus to be contained, quarantine is the most likely way to go, raise the awareness of people and deal with it. We must point out also that the situation necessarily doesn’t have to be dangerous, but if we look at it from an aspect of ignorance and fear and avoid the necessary precautions for whatever foolish reason, it will most certainly be dangerous. It is crucial not to panic before all. It is ok to be concerned about the news, but for many people, it can make existing mental health problems even worse, as Kirstie Brewer wrote. We should keep this in mind, that personal responsibilities influence collective safety. 


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