Today, we can communicate with other people in different ways, including text messages, phone calls, or WhatsApp. Yet, email remains an essential and handy communication tool for the business industry. Simply, because emails are less intrusive plus more convenient and fast. Business owners and entrepreneurs can communicate with their clients, investors, or even check-up on their employee via email. 


However, if somehow you fail to manage and organize your emails accurately – it might affect the productivity of your communication. Cluttered and unorganized email box – filled with old, unimportant, spam or unread messages not just frustrates you but also leads to ignoring the essential emails! It also causes a delay in the response that might cost you, potential customers, or investors!


If you are having a hard time managing your emails, then look no further. In this article, we have listed down some constructive and useful email management tips – that will increase your email productivity without breaking a sweat! 


  • Set-up A Time To Read And Respond:


One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is they keep their email programs open throughout the day. Not only the constant ping and ring disturb you, but it also diverts your focus. It is, therefore, essential to specify a time to read and respond to all your emails. Remember, to use that time only to read and respond to your emails. 


  • Take Immediate Actions:


Once you have read the email, take action – whether you want to reply, trash, or mark unread – immediately. It’s best to decide what you want to do with the email instead of leaving it for the next day. The more you delay the action time, the more the clutter you create in your email inbox. Ultimately, all your unattended emails would lead to a disorganized and unmanaged inbox – making it difficult for you to filter out the important ones!


  • Organize Your E-Mails Via Labels, And Categories:


Regardless of the email platform, you use to send your emails, almost all of them have the label, folder, and category feature. With the help of these features, you can easily direct all the emails from a specific group of people or a particular individual under/into that label, folder, or category. It is one of the most effective techniques to manage all your emails. It’s a one time work and all your would-be organized automatically. It will save you time and prevent all the hassles.


  • Unsubscribe To All The Unnecessary E-mails:


The most annoying thing about email inbox is the ‘Promotional emails!’ They keep failing out our inbox and make it’s not very easy to respond to the important ones. Even though if these emails are directed to spam folders – that’s still annoying and messy. So, the only way to get rid of those promotional or other spam emails is to unsubscribe them. Don’t worry; you don’t have to unsubscribe them individually. Use an ‘Unsubscribe appto put that annoying emails out of your inbox!


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