Poker has seen a huge resurgence over the last 10 years, particularly in Scotland and Renfrewshire, with online poker being the backbone of that growth. Introducing poker in the UK to a whole new generation of players.

This growth in the game has been driven by the successes of celebrity players such as Victoria Coren-Mitchell. In turn, the top poker players are becoming celebrities in their own right with the help of televised tournaments, sponsors and widespread media reporting.

For players there is always the dream to be successful, and maybe to have it as their full time job. But, did you know that just by playing you are improving your life and health for the better?

No! Read on…

Improves Concentration

Poker requires intense concentration, because you need to pay attention to every tiny detail to win. Not only to the cards, but also the actions of your opponents. This ability to concentrate for extended periods is incredibly useful in life. In the work place it means you can get work done more quickly, with fewer distractions and less mistakes. In turn, added concentration allows you to see more. Picking up problems you would not have seen before, and addressing these before they get to big.

Boosted Memory

It is a well-known fact that boosting your memory can have a huge impact in later life, with memory games significantly reducing the chances of being diagnosed with conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Poker requires not just concentration, but the ability to remember the cards, various hand combinations and the actions of your opponents. This is not just good for your future mental health, but it makes day to day life much easier as you are less likely to forget things. In fact, you will be able to take in and remember more.


Quicker and Better Decision Making

Poker is a fast paced game that requires players to make many decisions each and every single minute. Knowing that at any time they are just one bad decision away from losing everything. For this reason it makes poker players very good at not just making decisions quickly and accurately, but also under pressure. Skills that are very useful in the workplace, making players much more likely to be promoted and hold managerial positions.

Improved Self-Control

Any poker game has its ups and downs. Some hands you will win, and others you will lose. For most us that would lead to a roller coaster of emotions. But in poker, showing these becomes a weakness  that your opponents can take advantage of. It is not about covering your emotions, but handling them. Not being afraid to lose or act rashly if things are not going your way, but also to not to get too greedy or lose focus if they are. Having control of our emotions helps us to makerational and good decisions even in adverse situations.

Better Money Management

To play poker well you need to be able to properly manage your money, because if you run out the game is over. For this reason poker players keep emergency funds just in case things don’t go their way. Something that very few of us do in real life, but certainly should. In turn, having the discipline to not break into this emergency fund and to always act responsibly with money can have huge impact on people’s quality of life and stress levels in the long term.


You may have started reading this article not being a big fan of poker, but it is clear that playing the game can have huge benefits for your life and health, so it might be time to start!

Check out this interesting infographic, made by the CasinoSites team, presenting the most interesting ups and downs of celebrities Gambling life.


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