At some point in your studies, you will need to write not only essays but research papers, as well. First, it might be complicated and require a lot of time and research. With time, however, you will learn to write any research paper fast and in compliance with all the standards and requirements. Especially if your writing skills are already good, you will learn to write this kind of paper easily. And for now, let us check what are the differences between the two kinds of papers: a research paper and an essay.

An Essay Is Where You Express Your Opinion

You definitely know what an essay is. It is a paper where you not only discuss the needed topic but express your own opinion. It is not so important whether your opinion is correct or false, the main idea is to show why you think so.

  • You do some research to learn about other opinions and views about the topic. But you make it mostly not to find out some facts to formulate your theory and to prove it or on the contrary, to show that it was erroneous. In the case of an essay, you just discuss different points of view and express your opinion.
  • An essay might have a list of references or not. It all depends on the specific requirements of your college.
  • An essay doesn’t need too deep research. If you know the topic, you can write all the papers on your own. Not the accuracy matters but the ability to express your thoughts and to prove them.

However, in the case of a research paper, completely different skills are needed. That’s why many students get confused when they need to write a research paper for the first time. If you need to get a research paper or an essay right now, you can order any paper on CustomWritings.com from professional essay writers. This service will help you to get out of an emergency and win some time if you want to improve your writing skills. Or you might want to concentrate on something else instead of writing, which is also perfectly fine.

A Research Paper Is Where You Prove Your Theory


In the case of a research paper, the entire approach to the process is changing. Here, you have your theory or a topic and you need to investigate the facts and ideas on the topic. Your task is to prove your theory or on the contrary, to prove that it is not correct.

  • You perform research to prove your theory or to find out that there are views, researches, facts that show that it is not correct. In such a case, it is recommended to provide alternatives to your theory to show that you might consider other options.
  • In the case of a research paper, you will need to make a list of used sources as well as you should include citations.
  • Sometimes, attachments, such as tables, graphs, photos, etc. are required. They are needed to prove some points of view and to provide evidence. As well, they serve as sources of information that you have used for the paper.

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