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An online calculator helps potential customers and regular ones who visit your business can easily use it. There is no better way to prove your business is transparent than embedding an online calculator. Take for instance, if you offer insurance services, visitors to your website will love to know whether your services will not blow their pocket off. By embedding an online calculator, they can easily check what it will cost to get a particular insurance plan.

Although many businesses think this will send people away from them and that’s sadly true, but the people that will be sent away are customers who do not have enough to afford what services you offer. You can be sure that those who eventually contact you are those who already know what you charge and will gladly pay. According to the experts at, the importance of having an online calculator for business cannot be overemphasized, as long as you intend to keep it transparent. 

Here are a few advantages it has for your business.

1. Time Savings

Have you ever had people calling you up for your services only to realize they can’t even afford to pay for the service? You would have ended up wasting your time and resources thinking you had a sale. You wouldn’t really blame the customer. They say on your website that you offer a service that they need, but never knew that it will cost so much. You probably only put your phone number and so they reached out. The case will be different if there was a calculator with which they can calculate what it will cost to have that service rendered to them. Having an online calculator will save your time and eventually, your resources.

2. Transparency is Professionalism

A lot of people brag about being professional, but they are not transparent. One will tend to wonder what they mean by being professional without transparency!  What qualifies you as a professional, one who knows their onions, is your transparency. It means you are not afraid to be open for everyone to see. It means you don’t do monkey business. Putting up an online calculator for your services sends the right signal to the potential client that you have nothing to hide. Besides, if it gets you nothing, it will get you people who already understand your charges.

3. You Receive Calls from Paying Customers

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Apart from saving your time and being professional, having an online calculator on your business website will ensure you get calls from people who are willing to pay only. Let’s say you got a product and the potential customer already saw on the site that it will cost $50. It will probably take the customer some decision making but eventually you get a call, it won’t be to ask for prices any longer; it will probably be to make an order or to ask for a discount. There is no better way to ward off non-paying customers.

4. Traffic Boost

Google tends to love transparent sites, this is probably why they push more organic traffic to sites with online calculators in place. It’s pretty simple really. To use your online calculator, people will have to engage with it and Google tracks user engagements on your site. The more users engage, the lower the bounce rates and the more organic traffic Google send to you. If you do not have a calculator, chances are that all you get is just a drive by or a scroll through with little or no engagement.

5. Make Life Easy for Your Customers

It pretty much looks like you, the business owner, are the sole beneficiary for having an online calculator for your business, but it’s not entirely so; your customers also enjoy this. Probably before now, they have to call to find out how much a certain product or service costs. With an online calculator in place, they will not have to do that anymore. In their point of view, they will have the advantage of knowing what they want and how it will cost them. They only go for it and expect you to take the action of shipping the product over or offering the service as expected! 

There are many strategies a business owner can take and one of these is having an online calculator for his or her business. It maximizes both parties time and effort which results in a better service in return. This also guarantees that your customers will definitely recommend your business and spread it to family and friends.


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