Spoofed calls have always been a major confidential act of agencies such as CID and other such highly sensitive information holding agencies that hide their caller ID while disguising themselves from an unknown source as they come from a source that is known and trusted. But, since the acts of harm and falsifying have been increasing with the passing time, spoof calling someone has also been a major part of it, especially in the US. Although, it was quite fine till it hadn’t taken an illegal turn! But yet again, there’s just about everything around us that has taken a false route in harming people in innumerable ways. Hence, if we take a look, spoof calling has also become one of many ways to threaten and harm people in different ways, making it a taboo for people to attend unknown calls most of the time.

What Harm Can Spoof Calls Do?

Once we pay a little attention to the issue, it’d be obvious how spoof calls have really taken away the fond feeling of attending calls and knowing it’d be someone familiar. Yet, it might not be a frequent threat to everyone, but it has taken a lead route in the past. Precisely, spoof calling can really lead to awful things like;

  • Leading someone to receive real-life threats.
  • Taking important information through fraud account calls or through spam marketing.
  • Scaring or bullying people through uncertain pranks. 

And yet with all this that goes on through spoof calls, things really got out of hand at times for many of the people who are facing such calls and falling prey to them. And just in case if one doesn’t consider them real, you can never really be sure you’re right on the assumption of yours or not. Because considering all spoof calls wrong might not be just, as they’re not. So, you’re never really sure if you’re being spoof called by a trusted and legal source or vice versa.

What is the Punishment of Spoof Calling?

Since spoof calling issues have really taken a lead over time in the past and still, it was time to actually take legal action against it. So, Mick Mickelsen of Broden & Mickelsen says that due to two new bills, making spoof calls in Texas is now a criminal offense. This decision has made the spoof calling issue a lot more under control in Texas, than it was before.

And as that’s said, not just in Texas, but now spoof calling has been considered a criminal offense in the entire USA. This has made the spoof calling issue a lot safer with the passing time. And because the spoof calls are now illegal, it is said to face penalties of up to $10,000 for each and every violation made. 

Since this penalty was made permanent in the year 2009, it’s been quite some time now that things regarding spoof calls have really been under control. And as for the start of 2020, there’s really the least of chances that you’re going to experience any of the spam calls at all. 

Now that we’re in an era where one can really take things in hand and step towards their best, it’s time you step up on it. So if you’re someone facing such problems or know someone who has had spoofed calls issues with them, it’s really time you take legal steps against it. This includes informing faculties that take suitable steps towards it and be sure that you did something to stop it. Because with the present actions that are being taken against it to make things better, it’s time you take part in them too.


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