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Life is short. And we try to fill up our days with exciting experiences to enjoy everything that life has to offer. One of the world’s greatest phenomena is the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The glimmering emerald green natural light display in the sky is definitely an experience of a lifetime. 

This phenomenon can be viewed at many different countries in the north, especially around the Arctic Circle from Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and even to Alaska and Canada, to name a few. You can easily find options for Northern Lights holidays, tours, snow safaris, excursions, and a variety of accommodation types ranging from lodge cabins to glass ones. With a wide range of other activities in this winter wonderland, your Northern Trip expedition will be one to remember! 

If you’re planning on checking the Northern Lights display off your bucket list, consider these destinations and accommodations below to experience a trip of a lifetime. 


Lapland is one of the best destinations to experience the Northern Lights, especially in Finland as it’s known to display the Northern lights for around 200 nights of the year. Lapland is also known for its snowy wilderness and it has been dubbed the true winter wonderland. Finland offers a variety of accommodation options to view the Northern Lights; one of them is the glass cabins or igloos. You’ll view the glorious natural light display from the comfort of your bed as you fall asleep under the twinkling of the stars in their glass igloos. 


Norway is also a great option to witness the Northern Lights. You can view them from the popular city of Tromso as it’s situated in the center of the aurora oval. You can stay at a number of hotels, ice hotels, and ice domes that offer tours and ideal locations to view it. It’s also best to head out of the city and experience the Northern Lights at Svalbard, which is a group of islands between Norway and the North Pole. Because it of its remote and ideal archipelago location, viewing the light display will be truly magical. 

Ice Land 

Iceland is also one of the best locations to see the Northern Lights, as the city of Reykjavik offers tours and many accommodation options to witness this experience. You can go glamping at a dome hotel or stay at a lodge with its own observatory and telescopes so you can get a closer look. Most of these accommodations are out on the outskirts so you can stay away from light pollution and get to experience the Northern Lights with all its glory. 


One of the best ways to view the Northern Lights is among the Alaskan wilderness, you can book photography tours, stay at humble or fancy lodges, or camp out at national parks. Most of their accommodations will provide you the ultimate wilderness experience, whether you’re staying in Anchorage or Fairbanks. They both offer ample opportunities to experience this phenomenon. 

Only a few have lived to say they managed to check off the Northern Lights off their bucket list. The beauty of the Northern Lights is that it can be experienced anywhere in the Arctic Circle, and other surprising destinations. The accommodations are super interesting and exciting, there’s no way you won’t experience a trip of a lifetime. From glass igloos to charming cabins, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve traveled to winter wonderland.


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