I have always wanted to learn how to play chess, it seems like a simple game, but there is so much strategy to it as you improve. If you want to learn how to play chess, first you need to start at the basics of the game. Then, once you have started to get the hang of it, you’ll want to advance your skills and beat better players. I found when I was learning a useful list of apps that definitely helped me not only learn the game but improve pretty quickly.


List of Apps for Learning Chess


This made my learning curve increase pretty fast therefore I was able to enjoy playing chess pretty fast. Of course, I still had my fair share of beats, but now I am a skilled chess player and looking forward to the next match.


Learn the Basics of Chess

The first thing you need to tackle when you want to learn chess is how to set up the board and which way the different pieces move. For example, each player gets 16 pieces, but chess moves vary by which piece you’re playing with. If you want to move the queen, she is the most powerful piece because she can move anyway on the board. Additionally, you need to know how the rook, bishop, knights, pawns, and king move. Once you have the board set and you understand the movements of the pieces, now you should try to learn about the principles of the game like controlling your center or how to keep your pieces protected from the other player. Once you have the basics down, you can start playing to gain more experience.

Improve Your Skills With Lessons Online

Like with many things, chess takes practice to perfect, so spending some time with online lessons is a great way to develop from your basic knowledge. Each match will educate you and either show you and new trick or way to better protect your pieces. Now, don’t be distraught if you find that you lose a lot during your first couple of attempts at chess lessons. Losing gives you a learning curve so you know how to protect your pieces better for the next match. Chess lessons can help you improve on your strategy, learn how to open the game with the best moves as well as end the game with a win. You can learn a lot from your opponent so take losing with ease until the table is turned and you’re ready to be the one teaching the other player how to lose and learn.

Become a Master Chess Player

Once you are confident in your chess playing skills, you can move to a more advanced chess match. Most importantly, you are only going to be as good as the person you’re playing against, so you will want to move to advanced chess lessons to play against someone with the same amount of skill in strategy as you. At this level, you will be able to learn about how not only identify a player’s positional weakness during a game, but also how to capitalize on it. You will want to focus on developing your middle game so you can dominate the other player. Additionally, you will learn how to be patient with your strategic moves and not succumb to a pre-mature attack on your opponent that could leave you open to a counter-attack.

In Conclusion

Chess is a game that can be played by the young and the very old, all it takes is a sharp mind and willingness to learn. Creating a good foundation by learning the basics is a great way to start your journey to chess master. Once you have conquered the basic principles, you can start playing matches at a level that teaches you a lot more about the strategy aspect of the game. Lastly, once you have reached a confident level and tend to beat players routinely, its time to step up your game and find more chess savvy players to compete with. You will be dominating the chessboard in no time.


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