One of the biggest growing industries on the planet is the online gaming industry, and from a technology point of view, one of the most innovative. This is a trend, where the industry will continue to go forward. It has implemented excellent business practices, adapting quickly to the marketing landscape and delivered what customers want.


These innovations are worth exploring in more detail. If you have a business or thinking of starting one, then seeing how the gaming industry has leveraged technology to respond to the gaming landscape will teach you valuable lessons.

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into online gaming innovation.


A key factor where the industry was quick to respond was to make gaming secure. Today, the gaming sector, along with other sectors such as finance has the most secure system. The danger of having your personal details stolen is remote to a point where they are risk-free as they can be.

The more reputable gaming companies work to an industry-standard where security is concerned the more they are trusted. The lesson here is to comply with industry standards as this builds trust with the target audience. Nobody will expose their important details if the business will have the chances to be hacked unless there are precautions in place to stop this from happening.

Introducing New Offerings

As well as security, the industry has been quick to bring in new and exciting offerings to players. This has spiced up the market and kept it vibrant and alive. A few years ago, you only had a limited choice of games. Today, you can play games such as Starburst slot and when you are done, you can switch to roulette.

There are so many fantastic games out there, and it would be a sort of self-destructing if a game studio will make another similar game. For example, a game studio can have a different focus when it comes to slot games. They can go towards a more arcade-style game where they add the element of skill, XP, levels and other features.

Another good thing about arcade-like games is the entertainment factor. Where the player can appreciate the progression, the story and the skill element. For example, there are some opinions that say that players would want casino games to be more like video, arcade or mobile games. Some believe that these games would sit well with a both traditional and new audience.

Embracing Mobile

The gaming sector was one of the first to realise the potential of mobile technology and the first to utilise its potential. A substantial amount of its customer base accesses games on their phone. This convenience cannot be overstated. Now players can enjoy a few hands of poker or play their favourite slot machine on the go.

The industry has made it very easy for their players to enjoy their games. This is a valuable lesson, especially as most websites are accessed on phones and tablets, rather than PCs and laptops. If you want your clients to be able to reach you, then having a mobile responsive website is essential.

Like the gaming industry, use a little creative thought to get the most out of it.

Utilising Technology

There can be no denying that the gaming industry has utilised technology to the fullest. They have introduced aspects such as in-play, which has revolutionized how their players watch sporting events. They have made this offering interactive and more exciting.

Recently, they introduced live croupiers to try and recreate the live casino feel. This is new technology and new innovation. It has been well received by its audience and no doubt the technology will be developed.

Virtual reality (VR) is also being introduced. In many ways, gaming was tailor-made for virtual reality. The sensory engagement is a big part of the industry, and this is recreated using this technology.

The lesson here is to learn to embrace new things and deliver them to your players. If it does not catch on, you can try something new.


It might not be as popular as live croupiers or VR, but privacy security is a big and important development in the industry. Arguably, it is impossible to guarantee privacy online, but few industries have tried as hard as the online gaming industry to keep personal information as secure as possible.

It is important that you are discreet when dealing with players, especially if non-disclosure agreements are involved, they will expect no less, and in protecting privacy, trust is built.


Big online gaming companies are considering adding the blockchain technology, where the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and others are used. This offers an extra layer of privacy and security. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is believed that they are improved all the time; this is arguably the currency of the future.