Are you a fan of Eames Chairs? Well, everyone is a fan of Charles and Ray Eames’s designs. Do you know that Charles and Ray Eames married in 1941? After their marriage, the couple comes up with an idea of building chairs with molded plywood. In 1946, they made a chair design that became very famous. Many people did not know about them and still relaxed on their chairs at an airport, office, and hotel. A century has passed, but still, their chair designs are used. They knew that their idea will help them produce a product that will last for a century. Nowadays, there are many other eames chair replica to buy from the market. In this article, we will discuss the different Eames designs.

With Bikini Pad

Who had thought that a comfortable and high-quality chair can be made with wires? But the couple proved that this can be done. This Eames chair is covered with leather sling on the back and with bikini cover. Moreover, this design is available in different colors which makes it a perfect match for your dining table, vanity, and desk.

Shell Chair

One of the first production by the couple was Eames Shell chair. The first design was made using plywood and fiberglass. Now, they are also made using white ash, maple, ebony, and walnut. Fiberglass is the favorite choice because the material is eco-friendly. You can buy this design in different colors and fabrics from the market. It is a versatile design that you can put around your dining table and can also put in your room to sit and relax.

Aluminum Group Chair

This specific design is made for outdoors. But you can also put them indoors. Its products starts in 1958 and one of the comfortable chair due to its functionality. Moreover, it is a perfect choice to put in your office in front of your desk.

Lounge Chair and Ottoman

One of the luxury designs by the Eames and still famous in this century. It not only provides support but also comfort to the person who sits on it. This design is made using seven layers of plywood and made by hand. You can put them in your living room, library and outdoors due to is amazing comfort.

Molded Plywood Dining Chair

As it appears from the name, this chair was specifically designed for the dining table in 1946. The back and seat of it is made using molded plywood. Moreover, both of them are held together using metal rods. Moreover, these metal rods work as legs. The design was unique at that time magazine claimed it to be the best design of the century. You can also put them in your living room and office.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table made of molded plywood which is a perfect addition to your kitchen. This round coffee table can also be put outdoors to enjoy your morning coffee. Moreover, you can put it in the TV lounge in front of sofas for some decoration.