With the growth of every society, the construction industry also advances. This growth is a clear indication that the construction industry is associated with progress, and ever since the ancient times, it has continued to be so, at an impressive rate. There has been continuous development, for example, in the way we transport construction materials, from chariots to the current technologically advanced unmanned drones.

This article will discuss some interesting facts about the construction industry that may still amuse many. We have gathered several facts that make the construction industry what it is today, and here they are.

Construction employs a lot of employees

Construction companies hire millions of workers around the world. With the booming economies of several countries, infrastructure is a must, thus, there are more construction projects and a higher demand for employment. This demand includes residential, commercial, roads, bridges, and manufacturing plants.

Concrete is the material of choice. History will tell that the use of concrete is still one of the most popular materials for construction. World-known ancient structures and modern buildings still use concrete as one of their major components. The convenience brought about by the Internet has also taken concrete suppliers such as to another level, as their business now reaches all parts of the world.

There’s a high demand for equipment

The need isn’t only limited to human resources, as equipment rentals and sales comprise almost 50% of the industry. Megastructures, roads, high-rise buildings, ports, and any other projects use heavy equipment and machinery for faster and efficient work. Thus, heavy equipment plays a crucial role in the industry, and it is expected that the development of new machinery will be rapid in the years to come.

Small construction firms make up most of the industry

Contractors, subcontractors, and specialised professionals, which are small to medium scale companies, are the significant contributors to the growth of the construction industry. Almost 90% of the trade is composed of small construction firms, while there are only a few hundred companies that are large scale companies.

The Great Pyramid of Giza still holds the tallest structure for the longest

Standing at 455 feet, the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure known to man for more than 3,800 years. This record was based on its estimated completion time between 2560 BC to 1311 AD. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which was completed in the year 2010, broke the record with its height of 2,700 feet. However, with the rapid developments in the construction industry, it would seem that the Pyramid of Giza will still hold the record of having the title for the longest time.

More than erecting infrastructures, buildings, and bridges, the construction industry holds a place in history as it witnessed how the world developed from the time when men learned to build. Centuries have passed since that time, and look how far we have come. Various methodologies, techniques, processes, and technologies have also developed remarkably. Who knows what will be new tomorrow in this thriving industry.


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