It’s not easy to please the people you work with if you’re the boss of a team. It’s even worse if you’re new to the post, and you’re still young. You need to prove yourself and show that you’re a capable leader. Otherwise, they won’t respect you and follow your orders. These are the things you need to do to win their hearts. 

Be friendly 

You can’t act like any other boss by being too strict. It’s not a good look for someone like you who has been recently elevated to a top post. If you want to earn people’s respect, you need to show that you’re worthy of it. Being strict and mean isn’t a good way to earn respect. It could even go the other way. 

Show your capability to lead 

If there are upcoming projects, you need to show that you’re capable of leading the group to success. Be firm when giving orders. Be clear in the direction you want to take your team. You need to have a vision if you want everyone else to collaborate. Once you have proven that you’re a good leader, your employees will respect you. They will also treat you better in the future. 

Respect everyone 

When giving orders, you need to be polite but firm. You can’t scream at people or treat them like they don’t know what they’re doing. Again, even if you were elevated to a leadership post because of your skills, some of the people in your team might have worked there longer than you. They understand the company better, and they could offer more help. Respect them, so they will also work harder. 


Be a motivator

Your employees rely on you. They look up to you because you’re leading the group. Make sure that you have a positive attitude. Motivate everyone in your group. Even if they want to give up, you have to make people desire to work harder. They also need to see you as an inspiration when it comes to how you handle pressure at work. If you’re the first one to crack and they see you as a weak leader, you will not inspire inside them to work hard. 

Age is just a number

Prove to your fellow employees that you can do a lot of things even if you’re a newbie. You have the power to issue commands and steer the company in a good direction. If there are upcoming projects like a funfair for the employees, you need to be on top of your game. Show everyone that you can do the task expected of you. If you can’t handle the responsibility or you don’t wish to overwork your employees, you can consider the services of specialists in funfair stalls for hire. They will do the job for you. 

Be smart in determining how to lead your team. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when necessary. Avoid being boastful about your title and always listen to those who can give great advice.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/Z9bAQ3XbmCE


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