A great way to increase engagement with your Instagram account is by hosting contests that encourage interaction and participation from your followers. There are several different types of contests you can run, each with varying levels of engagement and difficulty. Some brands do more than one type of contest at different times, saving the ones with complicated entries for large prizes that need a budget for more special occasions. Play around with the contests and find what fits your brand the best, to have a better organic growth of followers on Instagram, the tips really good if followed rightly.

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Deciding on a contest

There are two main kinds of Instagram contests that are most commonly seen, with varying details and unique ideas. You can take a few creative liberties with this to stand-out, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. 

Like-to-enter contests are easy and fun, but they don’t always require dedicated members or thought-out content. You can add other requirements for entry, such as tagging a friend or giving your account a follow to help increase webinar platforms engagement. 

The best option for a contest is one that uses user generated content. Create a hashtag for the contest and request your followers to post a picture under a certain theme and tag you and the hashtag. 

Either of these routes are good ones to take, and you can play around with different ideas you can add onto the basic contests, or create something entirely new and be a trendsetter on Instagram!

Putting your plan into action

Once you’ve figured out what kind of contest it will be, decide on a prize if you haven’t, and begin posting! Your promotional posts should always include details about the prize, steps on how to enter, and information about the length of the contest and how a winner will be selected. You’ll need to know all of these things beforehand, of course, so make sure you have a full plan ready.

Contests can be held weekly, or sparingly, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve on Instagram. They may also take place on several social media sites, or just specifically on Instagram. Make sure you’re posting often enough that people know about the contest, but don’t spam the same information too much or you’ll lose interest pretty quick. 

Consider buying Instagram likes on your photos as this will increase your chances of reaching the Explore page. After all, the more eyes on your contest, the better your overall engagement, best place to buy instagram likes.

Finishing up

So, you’ve posted about the contest and people have been participating, and now the deadline has approached. If your contest winner is chosen randomly, the next part is easy. Just message the winner and create a post and tag them in it and get them connected with their prize!

If you decided to have voting, make sure you accurately tally them up. Or, if you and your team are the judges, make sure you all come to a decision before announcing the winner on social media. 

Encourage the losing participants to keep following and double-tapping! If you’re planning more contests, invite them to keep trying their luck and give details as soon as you can about what to expect.

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